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UKCA Statement of Conformity

Reduce the risk of your appliance and lighting products being stopped by customs at the border with verification by UL Solutions of the documents manufacturers need to export to the U.K.

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UKCA Statement of Conformity

With UL Solutions’ new Statement of Conformity (SoC), you can reduce the risk of your products being delayed due to nonconformity with post-Brexit import regulations. We can help you provide U.K. importers and retailers reassurance that your products are compliant with the EU’s Brexit-related import requirements. 

The SoC covers most products that previously required the CE marking, such as:

  • AC adapters and travel adapters
  • Lighting products
  • Household appliances
  • Handheld home appliances
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Commercial and professional appliances
  • Switches and controls

Brexit Changed U.K. Import Rules

Keep your business moving forward without any painful and expensive wait at the border. Starting Jan. 1, 2021, businesses in Europe need to make customs declarations when moving goods between the U.K. and the EU. If European businesses have not completed the right customs processes, their goods will not be able to cross the EU border.

Our new service can help you even if your product does not require third-party testing since the new rules apply to all products being imported into the U.K. 

The SoC can help you reassure your U.K. customers that your products are in compliance with the new rules.

Benefits of the UKCA SoC 

Without complying with the new import rules following Brexit, trucks that carry your products will need to wait at the border in specific and expensive parking lots before getting the approval that products have the right documents to be imported into U.K. The SoC will help you avoid the time and expense of waiting prior to importation.

UL Solutions supports manufacturers, exporters and importers with product compliance and can provide support for UKCA and CE marking services for EU27 market access as well as many other Global Market Access solutions. 
If you currently hold a CE marking certificate and your Notified Body cannot provide you with a UKCA certificate, we may be able to support your accessing other global markets with our complete offering of Global Market Access services.

While the SoC is not a substitute for the Declaration of Conformity that manufacturers must have ready for presenting under request for CE or UKCA, it is based on the same documents and is complementary to it. Our engineers will verify that the proper directive or standard has been taken into consideration and check all specific UKCA additional requirements before releasing an SoC.


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