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Household Appliances

UL Solutions’ testing and certification services evaluate household appliances against stringent standards for safety, security and sustainability. Work with UL Solutions to navigate complex regulatory requirements.

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Multiple certifications can be required to bring household appliances to market

The rapid pace of change in the global household appliances market stems from trends including increased consumer power and expanding demand for appliances that are energy-efficient and operate safely within the smart home ecosystem. These trends present evolving challenges for manufacturers to demonstrate the safety, performance and efficiency of their products and meet regulatory requirements worldwide.

As the world’s safety science leader, we test and certify your household appliance products to all applicable recognized requirements, including UL and IEC based standards. You can count on UL Solutions to help you earn the marks you need to compete in a crowded marketplace.

UL Solutions offers a wide array of testing and certification services for household appliances such as:

  • Gas-fired combustion cooking appliances, indoor and outdoor
  • Electric cooking appliances, including stoves, range hoods, microwaves, ovens, outdoor appliances
  • Laundry appliances, such as washing machines, dryers and combination washer-dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators and freezers

Rely on UL Solutions’ trusted experts in household appliances testing and certification

UL Solutions is your single-source provider for testing and certification solutions to help you navigate complex compliance challenges and streamline access to global markets. We work to provide you with the knowledge necessary to mitigate the risks of bringing technically complex and innovative appliances to market. Our product safety, performance,  and reliability testing  and certification services help you quickly bring your innovations to the world.

Let UL Solutions simplify certification by allowing our engineers to help you:

  • Assess your certification needs and navigate the certification process
  • Comply with changing local and global safety regulations, from electrical to gas, without compromising quality, security or sustainability
  • Verify your products meet performance and energy efficiency benchmarks that differentiate your appliances in the market
  • Complement your engineering expertise with our knowledgeable on-call staff
  • Access the knowledge you need to be prepared for changing regulatory requirements and to stay ahead of issues that may affect your inventory flow and supply chain
  • Meet industry sustainability demands by offering products tested and certified for energy efficiency and low global warming potential
  • Test and certify smart home features to demonstrate the security of your appliances and enhance your position in the smart appliance market

Single Lighting Regulation and Energy Labeling - Appliances

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Single Lighting Regulation and Energy Labeling - Appliances Simplified Chinese

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Einhaltung der neuen europäischen Beleuchtungsverordnung und Energieverbrauchskennzeichnung (DE)

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Single Lighting Regulation and Energy Labeling - Appliances Japanese

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