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Vaccine Storage Solutions

Supporting you in your drive to manufacture safe, reliable vaccine storage refrigerators and freezers.

A scientist removing a sample from a laboratory freezer

Meeting vaccine storage unit manufacturing challenges

The refrigeration and freezer manufacturing industry has to meet very exacting requirements for safety, reliability and performance. These issues become even more challenging when the product’s purpose is storage of vital medications, such as vaccines. When vaccines are not properly stored, throughout the entire supply chain, they can quickly lose their ability to protect against life-threatening diseases.

Manufacturers of vaccine storage units know that their products are vital to public health, and understand the importance delivering units that can be trusted to perform reliably in accordance to all regulations.  

UL Solutions offers the technical expertise in product safety and performance testing necessary to handle new and challenging requirements and accelerate getting refrigerated medical and vaccine solutions to market.

Our decades of experience of advanced technical, regulatory and clinical expertise allows UL Solutions to partner with different stakeholders of the industry to:

  • Manage regulatory and global market access issues
  • Ensure the integrity of the cold chain
  • Follow CDC guidelines
  • Meet the WHO PQS performance compliance
  • Address emerging connected device risks

Safeguard vaccines through testing and certification services for storage devices

UL Solutions provides a total solution for vaccine refrigeration and lab equipment standards, such as:

  • UL 471, the Safety Standard for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
  • UL 60335-2-24, the Safety Standard for Household Refrigeration Equipment
  • UL/IEC 60335-2-89, the Safety Standard for Commercial Refrigerating Equipment
  • IEC 61010-2-011 the Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use
  • NSF456, the Sanitation Standard for Vaccine Storage
  • World Health’s Organization (WHO) Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS)
  • ENERGY STAR® testing
  • Cold Chain

UL Solutions can also offer customized assessments for new and emerging technologies in medical and vaccine refrigeration.

Why choose UL Solutions for vaccine storage testing and certification?

UL Solutions, the global leader in safety science, we help manufacturers to confirm that vaccine storage equipment is meets applicable safety and performance regulations.

We can also assist manufacturers of refrigerators and freezers with other market access services, such as security and interoperability and energy usage testing.  And we can help communicate your product’s unique advantages to the market, with our Verification services.

Contact us and find out how we can help you solve your business challenges and bring your products to market as quickly as possible.


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