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Morocco – New Verification of Conformity Program of Imported Regulated Products


March 23, 2020

By, Elena Andreula, EMEA Regulatory Program Expert

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy (MICVN) implemented a new Verification of Conformity Program of goods imported into Morocco.

This new program is in fulfillment of the Law 24-09 to products and services security, complemented by Decree no. 02-212 and Decree no. 3873-13.

Depending on the products, the verification shall take place in the country of export or on arrival at the border in Morocco.

The products subject to control at the border of the Kingdom of Morocco are:

  • Automotive spare parts: tires, batteries, brake lining, glazing, filter elements, mechanical control cable
  • Building products: ceramic tiles, cement, sealing foils, sanitary products, fittings, plastic pipes and fittings
  • Wooden panels
  • Gas appliances: Gas furnaces, gas water heaters
  • Wire rod and concrete reinforcing iron
  • Articles of clothing other than workwear
  • Electrical products: mobile phone chargers, circuit breakers
  • Rugs, carpets, carpet and upholstery fabrics
  • Baby diapers

The list of regulated products subject to verification in the country of export is available on the website of MICVN and includes, for example, electrical equipment within certain voltage limits and equipment related to electromagnetic compatibility.

Goods subject to verification prior to export shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

This New Verification of Conformity Program is effective from Feb. 1, 2020.

There is a transitional period until April 20, 2020 during which manufacturers can continue to export in Morocco without the CoC.

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