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Connected Device Testing and Certification Solutions

Helping your smart devices connect seamlessly, perform as intended, and function safely and securely.

Tablet with app to manage multiple connected devices in a smart home

Connected device solutions 

Launching smart devices requires management of multiple challenges. We help mitigate the market risks, empower innovation and enhance security and safety — which can lead to positive brand experiences, loyalty and preference. 

Our Smart Solutions package of essential services – which includes cybersecurity, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), wireless functionality and interoperability testing - helps you deliver smart appliances and devices that connect to a network right out-of-the-box and perform to specifications on promoted features. 

To build a truly smart home, consumers should be able to trust that connected devices will work as promised. We help you to meet that goal, build brand reputation and maintain consumer trust.

Connected device testing and security services 

Interoperability Testing

We help solve connectivity issues in the early stages of smart product and software development so that consumers can easily stay connected with their smart devices.

Our testing services include:

  • Mobile phones and apps 
  • Wi-Fi interoperability 
  • Reliability performance
  • Video and log capturing capabilities
  • User experience 
  • Feature performance 
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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Wireless

We offer comprehensive EMC and wireless testing, certification and Global Market Access for your  connected devices. We leverage expertise, state-of-the-art technology and our global footprint to help you navigate market complexities and innovate with confidence. Testing and certification services include:

  • EMC and radio
  • Cellular module integration
  • Radio frequency (RF) human exposure and evaluation 
  • Wireless charging
  • Global Market Access (GMA)
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Cybersecurity and IoT security rating

UL Solutions’ IoT Security Rating is the world’s first security Verification and labeling solution for consumer IoT devices. Our goal to make security transparent and accessible, while supporting consumers in making conscious purchasing decisions. Our IoT Security Rating offers manufacturers and distributors a means to demonstrate IoT security for compliance and differentiation in the marketplace via a Verified security capabilities label.

Cybersecurity services include:

  • Training
    • Security by design
  • Advisory 
    • SDL gap analysis
    • Security framework assessment
    • Supplier Security Assessment
  • Compliance/Certification 
    • Chip (ARM PSA, FIPS)
    • IoT Security Rating
    • UL 2900
    • IEC 62443
    • Common Criteria
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Why UL Solutions for connected device testing and certification 

We bring confidence to your innovations. We offer comprehensive testing, certification and access to global markets for your wireless devices. Our technical expertise with IoT systems and devices in smart devices helps you deliver an excellent out-of-the-box customer experience. We can guide you through every step of the compliance process to help your wireless, smart devices meet the requirements in your target markets.

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