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Testing and Certification Services for Controls

Our controls solutions cover product certification, supply chain management and quality assurance, enabling you to mitigate risk, bring your products to market quickly and protect brand value.

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Innovate with confidence

As you improve and advance your products to achieve energy efficiency through automation in appliances, HVAC products and smart buildings, managing safety and confirming compliance remain key priorities. As products advance, so do the safety requirement standards for automatic electrical controls. At UL Solutions, we can help boost confidence in your innovations and evaluate for safety through our total solutions for controls that utilize the applicable requirements of UL/CSA/IEC 60730, the Standard for Automatic Electrical Controls. This Standard defines the methods that help ensure the safe operation of appliances with embedded control hardware and software. To achieve functional safety, you must remove risks of hazards caused by potential malfunctions. 

At UL Solutions, we'll work with you to find the best cost-effective compliance options and then guide you through every step of the process. We will also help you navigate the complexities of international product safety and market access, carefully focusing on regulatory compliance, performance testing and certification. 

Partner with us and benefit from our deep and diverse scientific and technical expertise. UL Solutions can help you gain global market acceptance faster and improve risk management. Innovate confidently by leveraging our strategic safety, security and sustainability solutions for your most complex business challenges.

UL Solutions provides unmatched technical expertise and global support across our portfolio of controls offerings for components, end products, systems and ecosystems:

  • Electrical safety: UL/CSA/IEC 60730, the Standard for Automatic Electrical Controls, IEC 60335 and other standards
  • UL 916, the Standard for Energy Management Equipment
  • Sensors and other ecosystems
  • Cloud-connected controls certification
  • Edge computing characteristics marketing claim verification for AI targeted edge devices
  • Design partnership service
  • Performance and reliability
  • Functional safety assessment, testing, and certification
  • Marketing Claim Verification
  • Over the Air Software updates (RP 1499, UL/IEC/CSA 60730, IEC 60335)
Downloadable resources

AHL - Timers Standard Transition Sell Sheet - Design R1b

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AHL - UL 60730-2-101 Sensor Evaluation

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AHL_Electrical controls_UL60730 CLSB sellsheet_EN

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AHC_Cryptography Sell Sheet

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Design Partnership Services

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