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UL RP 1499 Software Update

UL RP 1499 — Guides manufacturers to reduce systematic faults and provides a reliable method to deploy marketing claim verification software updates to products.

Woman controls washing machine with a smartphone.

To help manufacturers stay on top of the ongoing changes that come with smart appliances, UL Solutions has published and offers UL 1499, a Recommended Practice for Implementing Software Updates to Appliances.

Publication of Recommended Practice

A key expectation of smart appliances involves the ability to add new functional features to existing devices through remote software updates for appliances in the field that have been purchased by consumers, such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, coffee makers, commercial food equipment, lighting and HVAC systems. These software upgrades enable appliances to provide enhanced value to their users. In the past, the functionality of an appliance was fixed in its initial manufacturing. As a result, appliances lost consumer value after purchase as they could not offer the latest features that newer models provided because they could not support the latest features after the initial purchase and placement in the field.

UL RP 1499 specifies recommended practices for software update process engineering practices in appliances. It encompasses the minimum elements of design, development and deployment of remote software updates. An appliance manufacturer demonstrating evidence of adhering to these recommended practices provides users with confidence that they utilize reliable methods to deploy software updates to products in the field.   

Marketing Claim Verification

The UL Verified Mark delivers the confidence to consumers that a brand’s marketing claim is accurate, truthful, and credible. UL Solutions provides a searchable database of Verified claims by brand, company name, product name and the claim’s unique identifier that help differentiate appliance products in a crowded market.

Anatomy of the UL Verified Mark

Basic marketing claim verification mark
Basic Verification Mark

All claims include this UL Mark to indicate it has been tested and Verified by UL Solutions. 

Claim module on a marketing claim verification mark
Claim Module

The basic UL Mark indicates that UL Solutions has Verified the marketing claim. 

Unique identifier on a marketing claim verification mark
Unique Identifier

The unique identifier enables users to look up more information about a specific UL Verification.

Why UL Solutions

As the global safety science leader, we are a trusted partner to household appliance manufacturers and help them efficiently gain access to their important markets, maintain product compliance, simplify complexities, and improve safety, security, reliability, and sustainability. With our deep appliance industry knowledge, a recognized team of experts and a dedicated global network of accredited conformity assessment bodies for testing, inspection, and certification, we can deliver comprehensive compliance solutions for your appliance products to help you succeed today and tomorrow. 

Recognized expertise - UL Solutions experts currently sit on 1,300+ standards panels and other technical committees and we’ve helped create thousands of standards around the world, defining safety, security, sustainability, and quality. 

Global reach with local support - Benefit from local testing services and a single access point for international certifications.

Solutions from a single source - Our global network of laboratories gives us the opportunity to combine testing for safety, performance, connectivity, cybersecurity, materials and more to improve turnaround times and reduce complexity for our customers.

Comprehensive tools - UL Solutions offers complimentary, searchable tools, such as UL Product iQ®, Global Market Access Configurator and UL Verify, that give customers up-to-date information and make their products more visible to specifiers, retailers and more.

Get innovations ready for connected markets – Meet regulatory and industry requirements for wireless performance, connectivity and cybersecurity of your appliances and enhance your position in the smart appliances market.


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