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Consumer and Commercial Robots

Meet our experts who can help you understand, test and certify your robots to safety standards supporting this fundamental goal.

Serving robot holding tray in a kitchen.

What are consumer and commercial robots

Consumer and commercial robots, which are used to support and improve people's quality of life, increase work efficiency and productivity, improve customer service, increase operational flexibility and enhance brand value, include the following: 

  • Service and personal care robots 
  • Communication, information robots
  • Education and STEM robots
  • Entertainment robots
  • Companion robots
  • Delivery robots
  • Mobile servant robots
  • Person carrier robots
  • Household, domestic, home functional robots
  • Physical assistant robot
  • Exoskeletons
  • Security robots
  • Guide robots
  • Hobby robots
  • Telepresence robots
  • Restaurant robots
  • Retail robots
  • Humanoid robots

Advancing the safety of robotics with testing and certification

Consumer and commercial robots generally operate in public places, in commercial environments and in homes near humans, so increasing the safety of robots operating in environments where people are present is important. In addition to mechanical and electrical safety, additional safety concerns must be addressed, such as those associated with robot-human interaction. We can help manufacturers demonstrate safety and increase confidence that their robot products meet safety and performance requirements, which can protect brand reputation and build consumer trust.

How UL Solutions can help

UL Solutions is a global leader in safety science. Together with UL Standards & Engagement, we have been actively participating and engaging in the development of safety standards for consumer and commercial robots.

We can provide certification for ANSI/CAN UL 3300, the Standard for Service, Communication, Information, Education and Entertainment Robots, and ISO 13482, Safety requirements for personal care robots, as well as functional safety services, evaluation and certification of components used, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, and interoperability testing. With our deep technical expertise, we can:

  • Help with a preliminary investigation at the design stage of your products to assist you in building a safety framework/road map for your innovative products.
  • Evaluate products for compliance with standards and regulations for their target markets (market access) and help bring innovative robot technologies to market faster.
  • Help increase confidence in the quality, performance and reliability of their products, differentiating them against their competitors.
  • Verify that products work as expected with all other relevant devices and conform to all appropriate standards and technology platforms.

Our trusted reputation and rigorous testing procedures support you in helping you elevate your brand while building credibility and helping bring innovative products to market. The UL Mark is one of the most widely recognized and trusted symbols for consumers and code authorities globally, giving UL Certified products a path to market acceptance.

Our worldwide presence allows us to provide local services in the local language and access to our collaborative global network of safety, regulatory and engineering experts.

Our offerings for consumer and commercial robots

  1. Safety
  2. Functional safety
  3. Components
  4. Additional relevant services
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