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Battery Safety Testing and Certification

Advancing battery safety science to deliver trust and acceptance in global markets.

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Battery safety testing and compliance solutions to ease global market access

As a global leader in battery safety testing, we help battery-operated product manufacturers gain fast, unrestricted access to the global market.

CTIA Authorized Testing Laboratory (CATL)

We not only test and certify batteries but also contribute to the development and international harmonization of industry safety and performance standards. For example, as a Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) Authorized Test Laboratory (CATL), we can test and certify cell phone rechargeable battery products and systems to the CTIA Battery Certification Program.

  • Industry leader: active involvement in industry and regulatory bodies
  • Bespoke testing: custom testing meets your design-specific needs
  • Complete service: compliance, research and risk management across the value chain
  • Workforce training: learn to enhance safety, manage risk, and meet regulatory demands

The CTIA Battery Certification Program verifies the conformance of applicable products, including lithium ion battery cells and packs, chargers and adapters to IEEE Standard 1725TM1-2006, Standards for Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular Telephones.

Lithium battery testing and certification

Battery-operated products have become essential tools for business and leisure. The safety, efficiency and reliability of the batteries that power battery-operated products play a key role in continued market growth. We offer more than 30 years’ experience in battery performance testing, helping to foster innovation, and boost confidence in quality.

Common household products containing Li-ion batteries.

Global battery safety standards and regulations

We evaluate, test and certify virtually every type of battery available — including lithium-ion battery cells and packs, chargers and adapters — to UL Standards as well as key international, national and regional regulations including:

  • UL 1642 Lithium Cell
  • UL 2054 Nickel Cell or Lithium/Nickel Packs
  • UL 1989 Standby Batteries
  • UL 4200A, the Standard for Products Incorporating Button Batteries or Coin Cell Batteries
  • UL 2271, the Standard for Batteries for Use in Light Electric Vehicle Applications
  • UL/CSA/IEC 60950 (may be evaluated in conjunction with UL 2054)
  • UL/CSA/IEC 60065 (batteries used in audio and video equipment)
  • IEC 60086-1 and IEC 60086-2 Non-rechargeable Performance
  • IEC 60086-4 Non-rechargeable Lithium
  • IEC 60086-5 Non-rechargeable Alkaline
  • IEC 61951-2 and IEC 61951-2 Performance of Rechargeable Ni-Cd or Ni-MH
  • IEC 61960 Performance of Rechargeable Lithium
  • IEC/UL 62133-1 for nickel systems
  • IEC/UL 62133-2 for lithium systems
  • Japan’s DENAN Ordinance Article 1 Appendix 9
  • CTIA—IEEE 1625 and 1725
  • Taiwan’s BSMI standards
  • IATA/UN DOT/UN 38.3 T1-T8 (or IEC 62281)

Why UL Solutions for battery safety testing

Training and advisory services

Knowledge is power. At UL Solutions, we also believe power is meant to be shared. To promote a safer working environment, we offer effective online training to factory, assembly, maintenance, transportation and shipment workers across the entire battery value chain. Our training and consultancy also helps you to manage risk, meet regulatory demands, and keep up with the latest developments.

Global Market Access

Navigate regulatory complexity and accelerate speed to new markets with our Global Market Access service. We’ll work with you to find the best cost-effective compliance option then guide you through the process every step of the way.

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