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Portable Power Pack Testing

Helping to verify the safety of batteries used in portable power sources.

Portable power pack connected to laptop in a nature scene.


UL 2743 – A New Standard for Portable Power

Booster and portable power packs have been available for some time, but use is growing. And as demand for portable power continues to increase, so do consumer safety concerns regarding the batteries used within portable power packs.


To help ensure consumer safety, UL 2743, the Standard for Portable Power Packs, 1st Edition was published on Oct. 14, 2016. It covers devices that consist of one or more batteries housed within an enclosure and intended to be used as a portable power source when normal grid power is not available. These devices can have a booster function, e.g., jump-start a car, and can also be used for emergency situations; however, UL 2743 does not cover phone charging battery packs, which are covered under UL 2056, Outline of Investigation for Safety of Power Banks.

Why UL

UL battery and energy storage technology services are designed to help reduce the complexities associated with creating energy storage products. UL works to help ensure the safe manufacture, handling and use of new technologies through various tests on energy storage systems, such as batteries in stationary/motive and portable applications, power supplies and materials. Our industry experts have been extensively studying battery technologies for more than 30 years.

personal e-transportation

Webinar: Personal eTransportation – Drones, Hoverboards, eBikes, and Power Packs and Beyond

New and innovative products incorporating advanced energy systems are in demand more than ever before. While exciting, they come with unique safety challenges that need to be addressed. UL has been monitoring the market and recently published updates to existing standards and released the new UL 3030 standard for UAVs (drones).

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