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Improving the Safety of Wearables with Battery Testing

This white paper provides details on the technical challenges facing wearables technologies and the need for small, efficient and safer battery systems suitable for a range of applications.

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The growth in the wearable technologies market comes with many exciting technology advancements, but it also brings several challenges. One of the biggest ongoing technical challenges is the need for small, powerful and safe battery systems for use in these wearable technologies.  

Beginning with a brief history of wearables and trends in the emerging landscape, this paper highlights the rise of new approaches to powering wearable technology devices and their advantages over current technologies. This paper also covers safety and performance considerations for batteries used in wearable technologies and applicable standards for maintaining compliance.

The white paper details:

  • Potential safety and performance considerations for batteries
  • Specific design evaluation and testing criteria when applying for product safety certification
  • Current regulations and customer expectations
  • Recommendations for assessing battery and end-product designs
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Wearables Battery System & Safety White Paper

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