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Empowering Tomorrow: Navigating Through European Battery Regulation

The new EU battery regulation is a comprehensive legislation covering the entire life cycle of batteries, from production to reuse and recycling. It aims to increase battery safety and sustainability.

Different types of batteries next to each other

Empowering Tomorrow: Navigating through European Battery Regulation

The new European Battery Regulation aims to bring several benefits, such as environmental protection, consumer safety, innovation encouragement in battery technology, market standardization by establishing uniform standards across the EU, and circular economy promotion by focusing on recycling, reducing waste, and reusing materials.

For a manufacturer, this new Regulation creates new requirements necessary for a product to be compliant.

The main key areas of the newly introduced requirements are sustainability criteria, recycling targets, restrictions on hazardous substances, traceability and labeling and performance standards.

Webinar date: Feb. 20, 2024
Speakers: Jakub Kacki, business development manager, and Renate Messing, research scientist 


Gain insight from our experts as they discuss the new European Battery Regulation. In this on-demand webinar, you will:
  • Get an overview of the new European Battery Regulation and the impact of the new requirements on their products
  • Learn and focus on the key deadlines specific for their battery types
  • Gain insights into how UL Solutions can help test and certify the different types of batteries, helping avoid delays in achieving certification

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