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Robotic Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Learn about the UL 3320, the Outline of Investigation for Robotic Commercial Kitchen Equipment to provide a holistic view of safety and risk mitigation requirements for robots used in the food industry.

Robotic arms preparing a meal.

Driven by food safety regulations, demand to improve productivity, decreasing cost of robot production and growing investments in automated solutions, demand for robotics and automation in the food industry has surged significantly. 

A game-changing step into the future of the industry, the robotic commercial kitchen equipment is generating much interest due to the ability to save time, standardize processes, reduce costs as well as build a complete cooking experience, by delivering healthy, freshly cooked, gourmet food, safely and efficiently.

Commercial robots generally operate in public places, in commercial environments near humans, so increasing the safety of robots operating in environments where people are present is important. Any inaccuracy in the robotic kitchen equipment’s functionality could lead to mechanical, electrical safety and robot-human interaction risks such as a vast disruption in the production process. Therefore, we can help manufacturers demonstrate safety and increase the confidence to deliver a reliable and functional commercial product without compromise, protect brand reputation and build consumer trust.

Together with UL Standards & Engagement, we have been actively participating and engaging in the development of safety standards for commercial robots. We have designed an Outline of Investigation, the first standard to address the most comprehensive solution to evaluate the robotic commercial kitchen equipment.

Advancing the safety of robotic commercial kitchen with testing and certification to UL 3320, the OOI for Robotic Commercial Kitchen Equipment

As demand for robotic commercial kitchen continues to grow, UL Solutions recommends taking safety design principles into consideration since the beginning but there are no existing standards that completely address all the safety and reliability risks.

The UL 3320 provides a set of requirements addressing the risk of personal injury due to collaboration with robots and reference the applicable standards for the primary product functions for compliance of the overall unit, providing a clear path to enter the marketplace.

The in-scope products for the voluntary testing to UL 3320, the OOI for Robotic Commercial Kitchen Equipment are:

  • Robotic kitchen equipment powered by line-voltage supply with a maximum voltage of 1,000 V AC or DC, and/or may be battery-powered incorporating a battery supply with a maximum rated voltage of 250 V DC.
  • Commercial kitchen equipment with robots or automated systems intended to be used in lieu of, or in collaboration with, instructed or skilled commercial kitchen staff to perform cooking and/or motor-operated food preparing operation in commercial kitchens associated with, but not limited to, restaurants, hospitals, or other business establishments where they are not ordinarily accessible to the public.

UL Solutions’ safety and performance testing and certification services for robotic commercial kitchen

As a global safety science leader, we provide testing and certification to a wide range of standards applicable in various markets and industries, including robotics. UL Solutions safety science experts can help you bring your robotic commercial kitchen to market safely, quickly, and worldwide.

Our trusted reputation and rigorous testing procedures support you in helping you elevate your brand while building credibility and helping bring innovative products to market. The UL Mark is one of the most widely recognized and trusted symbols of safety for consumers globally, giving UL Certified products a path to market acceptance.

Our worldwide presence allows us to provide local services in the local language and access to our collaborative global network of safety, regulatory and engineering experts.

Voluntary certification of robotic commercial kitchen equipment demonstrates a company’s commitment to making products that comply with a current and comprehensive set of requirements.

The Outline of Investigation shall be used in conjunction with the product’s requirements covered in their respective scopes and additional standards may also apply that are not listed below, based on components, or features not anticipated or not fully addressed by the references below:

  • UL 197, the Standard for Safety Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances
  • UL 763, the Standard for Safety Motor-Operated Commercial Food Preparing Machines
  • UL 2595, the Standard for Safety General Requirements for Battery- Powered Appliances
  • UL 3300, the Outline of Investigation for Service, Communication, Information, Education and Entertainment (SCIEE) Robots
  • UL 60730-1, the Standard for Automatic Electrical Controls - Part 1: General Requirements
  • UL 746C, the Standard for Safety Polymeric Materials – Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations

Ensuring reliability and performance is also critical to the success of any robotic commercial kitchen equipment. UL Solutions product reliability and performance test services can help evaluate the performance and durability of the robotic commercial kitchen equipment and identify any potential issues or risks associated with them.

How UL Solutions can help

An early engagement with UL Solutions experts in the product design process can help speed time to market, avoid redesign costs and incorporate the necessary testing and compliance plans into your design roadmap. With our deep technical expertise, we can:

  • Help bring innovative robot technologies to market faster.
  • Introduce to UL 3320 and a risk assessment consideration at the design stage of your products to assist you in building a safety framework/road map for your innovative products.
  • Help with a preliminary investigation for component evaluation for compliance with standards and defining a gap analysis.
  • Provide a clear path to market acceptance through a UL certified product, receiving unparalleled acceptance among code officials, consumers, retailers, specifiers, and others in the supply chain.
  • Safeguard the reliability of the products, evaluating the performance and durability and establishing the expected service life requirements under normal and stressful conditions, differentiating them against their competitors.
  • Verify that products work as expected with all other relevant devices and conform to all appropriate standards and technology platforms.

Contact us to learn how we can help you prepare for compliance today.


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