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How to Avoid Five Common Mistakes in Automotive Functional Safety

Learn five of the most common mistakes that companies make when implementing functional safety in their automotive products and the solutions to help avoid those mistakes.

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As more products incorporate complex microelectronics and software into their design, it is becoming increasingly challenging for quality and safety engineers to implement functional safety at the system level. However, increased complexity leads to increased risk, making the need for functional safety more important than ever. This webinar will highlight five of the most common mistakes that companies make when implementing functional safety in their automotive products and will present solutions to help avoid those mistakes. 

The presenter, Bill Taylor, is the the co-founder and managing director of kVA by UL, an engineering services group focused on functional safety and autonomous vehicle safety. Taylor has trained over two thousand engineers in the principles of functional safety and the ISO 26262 standard.

kVA by UL has helped guide customers that are implementing ISO 26262:2018, the standard for road vehicles - functional safety, since the inception of the standard. As a result, our engineers have extensive expertise in a wide range of technical solutions, engineering approaches and safety management frameworks. Join this webinar to enhance your knowledge of automotive functional safety and learn how to:

  • Identify common errors and mistakes made when implementing automotive functional safety
  • Understand approaches to avoid or resolve these common mistakes

The webinar also addresses several other common mistakes identified by engineers at kPa and UL, along with discussions on other relevant functional safety topics, including:

  • Recommendations on how to document an agile process
  • Autonomy safety challenges
  • Dealing with common issues between suppliers and OEMs

UL offerings to support automotive functional safety

One of the best ways to avoid functional safety mistakes is through training and education. UL offers relevant courses in this area and personnel certification, at both the professional and expert level.

Additionally, UL provides comprehensive safety and performance services for the automotive industry to help you build trust with customers and vehicle manufacturers. We can also help you navigate existing industry expectations and new innovations within the automotive and mobility industry with an extensive array of solutions.


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