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E-Mobility Testing and Certification

Providing services for the electric mobility industry, including testing and certification of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure components and batteries.

An electric vehicle connected to charger


Electric mobility, more commonly known as e-mobility, encompasses all technologies, products, services and infrastructure that support and power electric and hybrid vehicles. The e-mobility industry is driving the future of transportation by developing efficient and safe offerings that will meet regional emission standards and consumer total cost of ownership (TCO) demands. And like any industry that is moving forward quickly, it requires timely access to trustworthy guidance.

We are uniquely positioned to support our e-mobility customers. We are accredited to test to all EV standards in the major global markets. You can leverage our two decades of experience evaluating the safety of equipment used with EVs, as well as our proven expertise and technical capabilities to test and evaluate new products.

Authorities tasked with approving an installation of EV equipment can rely on the UL Mark on the product to make the right decision for their jurisdictions. Our dedicated Regulatory Services team can answer regulatory questions about the testing and evaluation process required for EV equipment to achieve UL certification.

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