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Knowledge Solutions, Industry and Product Training

Offering a competitive edge that drives tangible results to empower people, protect lives, and drive business success.

Technical training

Overview of UL Solutions' training and knowledge solutions

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to design, build, and globally deploy safe and sustainable products. Regulatory and compliance requirements continually shift as new safety systems emerge and evolve, product recalls and liabilities pose a risk to a company’s reputation, and workforce demographics change at an unprecedented rate. Our Knowledge Solutions provide you with the education resources you need to develop, manufacture, install and deploy safer products throughout the global marketplace.

Put this knowledge to work within your own businesses to demonstrate your commitment to safety, advance your approach to risk management and risk prevention, keep pace with new technologies and regulations, and ultimately improve speed to market.

Industry and product training/education

We combine dynamic learning with practical application and demonstration, enabling learners within a specific field to effectively interpret, apply and demonstrate knowledge. A blended training approach consisting of e-learning, instructor-led workshops, webinars, hands-on application, white papers and articles is used to deliver our comprehensive educational curriculum of more than 700 courses across a wide spectrum of focus areas, such as local and harmonized product standards, global market access, and hazard-based safety engineering. Our global training programs are available in multiple languages and can be tailored based on the specific needs of an organization or market.

Upon completion of industry or product training, students receive a certificate of completion and continuing education units, when applicable.

Knowledge powered solutions to drive business success

We offer mastery-level courses to enable learners to establish their in-depth competency in a specific designation or field of endeavor. Working with individuals or companies, we define the parameters for mastery programs, which could include product design, test laboratory setup, product installation, or other industry-, product- or business-driven concentrations. At this level, course learnings are delivered as a blended solution and composed of on-the-job training and performance measurement interviews, assessments and exams. Individuals who establish mastery through intensive hands-on experience, study and knowledge tests will be eligible to become a UL Certified professional in their area of expertise. 

Compliance and regulations  

Regulatory and Compliance Essentials is a first-of-its-kind e-learning suite that provides standardized education on critical safety and regulatory requirements related to products. Our course offerings are intended to educate anyone involved in the product development process to address skill gaps and systematically upgrade organizational knowledge. The program includes topics across a spectrum of focus areas. Regulatory and Compliance Essentials is available for individual access or companywide subscription that allows all users to access the entire suite, and coursework is eligible for obtaining continuing education units (CEUs) upon completion. Please verify applicability with your professional board or local jurisdiction.  

Training needs assessment 

In every business, success is ultimately driven by the skills and knowledge of employees. We conduct training needs assessments identifying knowledge and/or skill gaps and opportunities for individuals, teams and organizations to help create a customized training roadmap designed to improve performance, increase speed to market, and enhance product safety and quality. 

Benefits of knowledge strategy solutions

  • Design safer products and get those products to market quickly 
  • Build a culture of safety while mitigating product risk and liability 
  • Access expert knowledge in one place from a trusted source 
  • Address organizational knowledge gaps with education aimed at elevating skills across an entire institution 
  • Gain the knowledge necessary to navigate complex global compliance issues and regulatory challenges 
  • Streamline processes, instill best practices and fully utilize the talent of individuals 

Why choose UL Solutions for learning and development solutions

Our training solutions draw on UL Solutions' thought leadership and the expertise garnered from more than a century of testing and certifying products and developing standards.

View UL Solutions' Full Training Catalog for courses, dates and locations