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ISO 26262:11 (Semiconductor) UL Certified Functional Safety Professional and eXpert

The following individuals have achieved status as an ISO 26262:11 (Semiconductor) UL Certified Functional Safety Professional and eXpert

First Name Last Name Country CERT Certificate Number Renewal Date
Nupur Agarwal USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1046 2/28/2026
Islam  Ahmed Egypt  UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1014 8/31/2025
Arif Alam USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1039 2/28/2025
Byron Brinson USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1044 9/30/2025
Madan Das USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1024 8/31/2025
Nabarun Das USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1035 10/31/2024
Ahmed El-Monofy Egypt UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1042 8/31/2025
Rahmeh Fares USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1040 4/30/2025
Vedant Garg USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1026 8/31/2025
Gaurav Goel India UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1047 3/31/2027
Arun  Gogineni USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1019 8/31/2025
Dirk Hansen Germany UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1028 8/31/2025
Mahmoud Hassan Egypt UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1041 8/31/2025
Jim Heckroth USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1034 1/31/2024
Adrian Koh USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1037 1/31/2025
Terry Lyons USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1022 8/31/2025
Austin Mam USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1020 8/31/2025
Rawan Morsy Egypt UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1045 11/30/2025
Kenneth Oo USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1036 1/31/2025
Jin Ouyang USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1033 12/31/2023
Étienne Racine Canada UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1027 9/30/2025
Karim Ragab Egypt UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1048 3/31/2027
Amarpal Singh USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1049 2/28/2026
Mohamed Taha Egypt UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1043 8/31/2025
Priya  Viswanathan USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1018 8/31/2025
Ramesh Vadivelu Japan UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1012 11/30/2025
Jacob Wiltgen USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1021 8/31/2025
Dongsheng Zhang USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1038 1/31/2025