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ISO 26262 UL Certified Functional Safety Professional and eXpert - Automotive

The following individuals have achieved status as ISO 26262 UL Certified Functional Safety Professional or eXpert (Automotive).

First Name Last Name Country CERT Certificate Number Renewal Date
Syeda Abbas USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1422 9/30/2024
Anees Abdul Vaheed UK UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1344 2/29/2024
Joeö Abraham USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1867 7/31/2026
Terence Adams USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1303 5/31/2025
Abhishek Agarwal USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1604 5/31/2025
Kshitij Agarwal USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1499 2/28/2025
Rizwan Ahmed USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1888 8/31/2026
Henrik Ahnesjo Sweden UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1468 12/31/2024
Shiwen Ai USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1334 1/31/2024
Greeshma Akash USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1679 10/31/2025
Krishna Akilla USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1624 6/30/2025
Janet Alejandra Valencia Carbajal Mexico UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1331 12/31/2023
Sam Ali USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1212 4/30/2025
Sarmad Alkhudri Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1978 11/30/2026
Ali Alrikabi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1792 3/31/2026
MeLinda Ammerman USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1751 12/31/2025
Daniel Anderson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1677 10/31/2025
Ken Anderson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1722 10/31/2025
Markiyan Andruchowycz USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1516 2/28/2025
Nathan Ansbro USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1682 10/31/2025
Shebeeq Arakkaveetil Aboobakar Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1697 9/30/2025
Arnaldo Arancibia USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1681 10/31/2025
Adrian Arozqueta USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1419 9/30/2024
Carlos Avalos Gonzalez USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1004 9/30/2025
Ali Ayoub USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1438 11/30/2024
Maddie Bahmer USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1762 1/31/2026
Ahmed Bakhit USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1765 1/31/2026
Piotr Bakowski Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1642 7/31/2025
Manjusha Bambhore Tukaram Rao USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1547 3/31/2025
Loni Bao China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1656 8/31/2025
Nate Batson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1621 6/30/2025
Chuck Battikha USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1416 8/31/2024
Robert Baribault Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1352 3/31/2024
Doug Barnes USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1005 9/30/2025
Colin Barry Ireland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1788 3/31/2026
Filippos Bazakas Czech Republic UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1466 12/31/2024
Noah Beattie USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1865 7/31/2026
Beau Becker USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1676 10/31/2025
Christopher Becker USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1535 3/31/2025
Reda Belhaj France UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1674 9/30/2025
Reda Belhaj France UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1054 10/31/2026
Dane Bennington USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1323 12/31/2023
Michael Bergstrom USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1015 9/30/2025
Stu Bergstrom USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1081 9/30/2025
Kellen Berthiaume USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1575 4/30/2025
Manon Berthiaume Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1369 3/31/2024
Gaurav Bhardwaj USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1832 5/31/2026
Amruta Bhave USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1834 5/31/2026
Nishanth Narendranath Bhonsle USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1541 3/31/2025
Ilan Biala USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1736 10/31/2025
Rohan Binoy USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1993 11/30/2026
John Birch UK UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1778 3/31/2026
Jamie Blake Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1524 2/28/2025
Al Bloomfield USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1424 9/30/2024
Dominique Bodziany Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1379 4/30/2024
Justin Boettcher USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1794 3/31/2026
Tobiasz Bomski Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1627 6/30/2025
Ken Boorom USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1411 8/31/2024
Scott Boreham USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1823 4/30/2026
Bruin Bourgeois USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1979 11/30/2026
Raghda Bouguerech Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1374 3/31/2024
Franz Xaver Brandl Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1785 3/31/2026
Hervé Brelay USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1122 10/31/2025
Daniel Brenk Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1787 3/31/2026
Peter Brink USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1020 8/31/2025
Byron Brinson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1407 8/31/2024
Chase Brown USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1446 11/30/2024
Junji Bu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1941 10/31/2026
Michael Bucala USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1012 7/31/2025
Bailey Bunch USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1423 9/30/2024
Gary Burkholder USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1335 1/31/2024
Kathryn Burns USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1400 7/31/2024
Tomasz Bzdega Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1648 7/31/2025
Gary Cain USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1518 2/28/2025
Paulo Calvillo Gonzalez USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1461 12/31/2024
Sam Campbell USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1831 5/31/2026
Pedro Campos Portugal UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1412 8/31/2024
Facundo Cestari Argentina UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1980 11/30/2026
Radha Chagam USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1454 12/31/2024
Ashok Chandy USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1312 11/30/2023
Han-Wen Chang USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1558 10/31/2024
Melody Chang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1456 4/30/2025
Manish Changela USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1475 12/31/2024
James Chapman USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1603 5/31/2025
Frederic Chasse Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1362 3/31/2024
Pawel Chelmicki Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1409 8/31/2024
Fan Chen China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1892 8/31/2026
Fang Chen China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1847 5/31/2026
James Chen Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1452 11/30/2024
Jingzhao Chen China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1966 10/31/2026
Pengfei Chen China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1897 8/31/2026
Thongphat Chen USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1577 4/30/2025
Vincent Chen Taiwan UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1007 6/30/2025
Xiaobo Chen China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1801 3/31/2026
Yixin Chen China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1959 10/31/2026
Zhipeng Chen China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1902 8/31/2026
Ivan Cheng USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1453 11/30/2024
Robert Child UK UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1460 12/31/2024
Felechia Childs USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1404 7/31/2024
Niharika Chinchalpet USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1553 4/30/2025
Filip Cichosz Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1631 6/30/2025
Ben Citak USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1396 5/31/2024
Luis Ramon  Molleda Contreras USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1473 12/31/2024
Preston Conley USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1513 2/28/2025
Thomas Connolly USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1708 10/31/2025
Matthew Cooke UK UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1493 1/31/2025
Herbert Costa Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1744 11/30/2025
Marc Cote USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1392 5/31/2024
Nathan Cox USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1716 10/31/2025
Arturo Crespo De La Vina Spain UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1540 3/31/2025
David Cruz Mendez USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1472 12/31/2024
John Czoykowski USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1881 7/31/2026
Prashanth Damojipurapu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1548 1/31/2025
Jacob Danaj USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1564 4/30/2025
Chris Danks USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1550 3/31/2025
Naveen Aditya Verma Dantuluri USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1430 10/31/2024
Abhash Das Germany UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1038 3/31/2025
Robert DeBard USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1775 2/28/2026
Chris DeBoer USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1720 10/31/2025
Scott Deering USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1381 10/31/2025
Alexander de Jong Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1869 11/30/2025
Weijun Deng Canada UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1039 3/31/2025
Bernard Déry Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1377 3/31/2024
Anuja Desai USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1688 10/31/2025
Pierre Desaulniers Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1371 3/31/2024
Ameya Deshpande USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1313 11/30/2023
Nagnath Dhale India UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1734 11/30/2025
Chau Diep USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1649 7/31/2025
Ali Dikmen Turkey UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1864 6/30/2026
Anthony Diperna USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1343 2/29/2024
Guoyong  Dong China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1481 12/31/2024
Huaqiang Duan China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1946 10/31/2026
Michael DuBois USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1470 12/31/2024
Steven Dunbar USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1705 10/31/2025
Adrianna Dunlap USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1670 9/30/2025
Timothy Dunsmore USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1592 4/30/2025
Brennan Dutta USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1584 4/30/2025
Carson Edmonds USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1789 1/31/2026
Kyle L. Edwards USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1025 3/31/2026
Ryan Elking USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1445 11/30/2024
Mark Ellarma USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1820 4/30/2026
Hichem El-Mohri USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1317 11/30/2023
Ahmed Elnahass Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1712 10/31/2025
Yasser Elzant Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1906 9/30/2026
Daniel Espinoza USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1981 11/30/2026
Tony Evans USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1598 5/31/2025
Shireen Faizi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1310 11/30/2023
helen Fajardo Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1491 1/31/2025
Austin Farber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1497 2/28/2025
Ferenc Farkas Hungary UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1982 11/30/2026
Jianmiao Feng China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1653 8/31/2025
Joel Ferchoff Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1486 1/31/2025
Eric Fernandez USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1731 11/30/2025
Peter Fricke USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1910 9/30/2026
Matt Fitzpatrick USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1767 1/31/2026
Daniel Forer USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1509 8/31/2025
Mats Freding Sweden UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1504 12/22/2024
Emerson Frees USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1321 11/30/2023
Thomas Gabler Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1776 3/31/2027
Thomas  Gacka USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1510 1/31/2025
Ullekh Gambhira USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1309 11/30/2023
Manjunath Naidu Ganaparthi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1427 9/30/2024
Srikanth Gangula USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1846 6/30/2026
Smitha Gautham USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1569 4/30/2025
Ben Geller USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1758 12/31/2025
Cathy Geng USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1593 5/31/2025
Marco Genova USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1643 7/31/2025
Andrea Gil Batres USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1044 11/30/2025
Thomas Gilbert USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1580 4/30/2025
Razvan Gilca Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1389 5/31/2024
Gianluca Giorgio Italy UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1786 3/31/2026
Prateek Girish USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1972 11/30/2026
Yves Godin Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1360 3/31/2024
Zvi Goldshtein USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1326 12/31/2023
Roger Gomes USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1930 10/31/2026
Abhijit Gopakumar USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1622 6/30/2025
Dylan Goshert USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1613 5/31/2025
Chase Griffin USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1329 12/31/2023
Jacob Griffin USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1748 12/31/2025
Justin Griffiths USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1715 10/31/2025
German Grinberg Argentina UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1857 6/30/2026
Kevin Grinnell USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1768 1/31/2026
John Grogg USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1773 2/28/2026
Dale Grosskopf USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1879 7/31/2026
Chengyu Gu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1838 5/31/2026
Rui Gu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1589 4/30/2025
Marcello Guarro USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1668 9/30/2025
Baran Gülkaya Turkey UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1859 6/30/2026
Bill Gunn USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1757 12/31/2025
Kashish Gupta Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1772 2/28/2026
Neeraj Gupta USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1563 4/30/2025
Nagabhushana Gurumurthy USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1728 11/30/2025
Melad Haddad USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1549 3/31/2025
Ashley Hames USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1678 10/31/2025
Jingru Han China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1654 8/31/2025
Priya Harkare USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1615 6/30/2025
Milad Hasanvand Netherlands UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1049 3/31/2026
Jarod Haskin USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1749 12/31/2025
Zach Haver USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1403 7/31/2024
Jeff Hawarden UK UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1544 11/30/2025
Bowen Hazen USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1994 11/30/2026
Qianying He China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1937 10/31/2026
Yingjie He China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1816 4/30/2026
Ben Hefner USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1582 4/30/2025
Alexander Heidari USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1599 5/31/2025
Matthew Heidtman USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1517 2/28/2025
Casandra Anahí Hernández Rodríguez Mexico UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1469 12/31/2024
Paul Herrmann USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1316 11/30/2023
Christopher Hibner USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1671 9/30/2025
An Hoang USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1340 1/31/2024
Gregory Holford USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1421 9/30/2024
Stephen Holland USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1248 9/30/2024
Qi Hommes USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1508 3/31/2025
Dingpeng Hong China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1935 10/31/2026
William Hood-Douda USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1574 4/30/2025
Rui Hu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1983 11/30/2026
Zhuomin Mark Hu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1833 5/31/2026
Anthony Huang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1652 8/31/2025
Bingjian Huang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1917 10/31/2026
Mengning Huang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1811 4/30/2026
Robert Huang Taiwan UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1636 7/31/2025
Ian Hunt USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1741 11/30/2025
Kate Hurtubise USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1462 12/31/2024
Loan Huynh USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1763 1/31/2026
Kyle Hyst USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1342 2/29/2024
Jacek Idziak Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1537 3/31/2025
Mitchell Illig USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1568 4/30/2025
Gregory Inglett USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1977 11/30/2026
Kevin Irvin USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1711 10/31/2025
David Istilart USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1877 7/31/2026
Jorji Itoh USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1314 11/30/2023
Ali Jaffal USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1907 9/30/2026
Jakin Jagani USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1605 5/31/2025
Pawel Jankowski Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1532 3/31/2025
Anoop Jatavallabha USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1620 6/30/2025
Parvinder Singh  Jattana USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1551 11/30/2023
Arshwinder Singh Jaura USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1041 3/31/2025
Linc Jepson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1410 8/31/2024
Jonia Jesumani Jesu Rathinam USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1858 6/30/2026
Cynthia  Ji China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1590 4/30/2025
Cynthia  Ji China UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1046 12/31/2025
Hengzi Jia China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1965 10/31/2026
Harsh Jogi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1555 10/31/2024
Rajatha Jogi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1914 10/31/2026
Jyohan Joglekar Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1686 10/31/2025
Keith Johnson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1737 11/30/2025
Seth Johnson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1971 11/30/2026
Christoper Jones USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1257 5/31/2026
Tim Jung USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1507 2/28/2025
Vinod Kaduppadi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1984 11/30/2026
Numbi Kalenda USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1579 4/30/2025
Natalie Kallmeyer USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1884 7/31/2026
Hemamalini Kannan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1520 2/28/2025
Sagar Rajendra Kanphade USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1739 11/30/2025
Laxminarayana Karnala USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1611 5/31/2025
Mariusz Karp Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1600 5/31/2025
Christopher Katke USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1647 7/31/2025
Patrick Kaufman USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1515 2/28/2025
Ahmed Kebe Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1393 5/31/2024
Matt Keller USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1401 7/31/2024
Frank Kellner USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1842 5/31/2026
Samuel Kerr USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1490 1/31/2025
Hossein Khamseh Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1843 5/31/2026
Masood Khan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1828 4/30/2026
Sameer Khan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1546 3/31/2025
Sayeem Khan Japan UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1839 10/31/2023
Sayeem Khan Japan UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1053 6/30/2026
Rouzbeh Khatibi Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1365 3/31/2024
Dennis Kichatov USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1759 12/31/2025
Jaesung Kim Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1675 9/30/2025
Thomas King USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1663 9/30/2025
Josh Kirk USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1458 12/31/2024
Joshua Kirk USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1973 11/30/2026
Seth Kirk USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1610 5/31/2025
Fischer Klein USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1912 10/31/2026
Dylan Kleist USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1559 10/31/2024
Devin Kloos USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1837 5/31/2026
Bob Klose USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1718 10/31/2025
Tamer Koç Turkey UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1889 8/31/2026
Michael Koch USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1753 12/31/2025
Hans-Edgar Koechling Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1873 11/30/2025
Chris Kokosa USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1042 5/31/2025
Archit Koti USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1519 2/28/2025
Danny Kottmyer USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1442 11/30/2024
Oxana Kovbasjukova Czech Republic UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1437 10/31/2024
Gregory Kravit USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1501 1/31/2025
Georg Krebelder Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1378 4/30/2024
Angelina Kretz USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1007 12/31/2025
Jayalekshmi Krishnamoorthy USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1286 12/31/2023
Jayalekshmi Krishnamoorthy USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1033 6/30/2024
Rashmi Dudda Krishnamurthy USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1035 11/30/2024
Rahul Krishnan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1465 12/31/2024
Gokul Krithivasan USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1010 9/30/2026
Paul Krueger USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1665 9/30/2025
Gennaro Kukonu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1307 10/30/2023
Jonida Kulla USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1777 2/28/2026
Benjamin Kumar USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1755 12/31/2025
Sheethala Kumar USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1698 10/31/2025
Gandhar Kunte Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1732 11/30/2025
Vysakh Kurup USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1386 5/31/2024
Elaine Kwan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1609 5/31/2025
Monnet Lababit Australia UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1650 7/31/2025
Ben LaBelle USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1717 10/31/2025
Martin Lafreniere Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1366 3/31/2024
Meghana Lakshminarayan India UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1769 2/28/2026
Klaus Lamm Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1557 4/30/2025
Crystal Larsen USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1450 11/30/2024
Ritche P. Lasaca USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1036 11/30/2024
James G.  Lasak USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1764 2/28/2025
Jordan Lassitter USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1503 1/31/2025
Normand Leclerc Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1357 3/31/2024
Bruce Lee Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1701 10/31/2025
Anthony Legault Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1390 5/31/2024
Yong Lei China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1968 10/31/2026
Ivan Lemongo USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1667 9/30/2025
David Lewis USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1554 4/30/2025
David Li China UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1024 9/30/2026
Haining Li China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1920 10/31/2026
Juncheng Li China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1691 9/30/2025
Peige Li China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1951 10/31/2026
Peng Li China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1482 12/31/2024
Xuejiao Li USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1931 11/30/2026
Yulong LI USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1566 4/30/2025
Fen Liang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1893 8/31/2026
Leonardo Lisogorsky Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1844 5/31/2026
Bing Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1944 10/31/2026
Haiqi Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1478 12/31/2024
Hanyue Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1848 5/31/2026
Hunter Liu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1706 10/31/2025
Jian Liu (BWI) China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1809 4/30/2026
Jian Liu (BYD)  China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1921 10/31/2026
Jiangang Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1948 10/31/2026
Lu Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1942 10/31/2026
Qian Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1967 10/31/2026
Shigao  Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1586 4/30/2025
Sunny Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1011 7/31/2025
Wei Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1954 10/31/2026
Yue Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1657 8/31/2025
Zhaojiang Liu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1587 4/30/2025
Lewis Lleung Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1384 5/31/2024
Pablo Lombardero Ros Spain UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1533 3/31/2025
Jordan Loos USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1328 12/31/2023
Mario Lorber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1433 10/31/2024
Joe Lowndes UK UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1880 7/31/2026
Guang Lou China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1634 6/30/2025
Fanli Lu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1918 10/31/2026
Jun Lu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1895 8/31/2026
Yaoneng Lu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1958 10/31/2026
Zhiwen Lu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1962 10/31/2026
Zhendong Luo China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1588 4/30/2025
Donato Luongo Italy UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1457 12/31/2024
Hao Lv China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1849 5/31/2026
Zhengtao Lv China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1804 3/31/2026
Devon Lynch Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1974 11/30/2026
Baoning Ma China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1933 10/31/2026
Chi Ma China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1940 10/31/2026
Xuehan Ma China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1695 9/30/2025
Yajun Ma China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1853 5/31/2026
Collin MacGregor USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1506 1/31/2025
Remigiusz Machlanski Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1874 11/30/2025
Patrícia Maciel Brazil UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1354 3/31/2024
Kaushik Madala USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1970 11/30/2026
Filipe Madeira Portugal UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1413 8/31/2024
Uma Madicherla USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1595 5/31/2025
Anitha Madugula USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1529 2/28/2025
Alaa Makke USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1325 12/31/2023
Aleks Malakhovsky USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1729 11/30/2025
Nick Malloy USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1641 6/30/2025
Mats Malmberg Sweden UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1439 11/30/2024
Aashita Manchanda USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1673 9/30/2025
Giulianna Mandolesi Brazil UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1337 1/31/2024
Stacy Mann USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1402 7/31/2024
Le Mao China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1896 8/31/2026
Steven Martin USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1425 9/30/2024
Steven Martin USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1052 7/31/2026
Marco Massa Gomez USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1680 10/31/2025
Adam Mather USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1612 5/31/2025
Jean Christophe Mathieu Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1363 3/31/2024
Nace Mattingly USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1985 11/30/2026
Amos Mbong USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1048 3/31/2026
Sara McClellan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1976 11/30/2026
John McClymont USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1625 6/30/2025
Angela McFarland USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1428 10/31/2024
Ian McKenzie USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1721 10/31/2025
Jon McNeely USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1619 6/30/2025
Chris Medeiros USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1766 1/31/2026
Shepol Meman USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1443 11/30/2024
Adam Merkel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1868 7/31/2026
Oliver Merten USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1824 4/30/2026
Bettina Messerschmidt Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1870 11/30/2025
Kamil Michal Kubiak Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1534 3/31/2025
Edward Miller USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1464 12/31/2024
Shayan Mirza Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1883 7/31/2026
Michael Mizrahi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1512 2/28/2025
Kiyoshi Miyashita Japan UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1505 2/28/2025
Vignesh Mohan Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1703 10/31/2025
Kamran Mojtehedi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1658 8/31/2025
Ashley Morales USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1435 10/31/2024
Luis Moreno Mexico UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1683 10/31/2025
Sandro Morero USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1463 12/31/2024
Jim Mraz USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1488 1/31/2025
Fabian Mueller Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1871 11/30/2025
Michael Muldoon USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1426 9/30/2024
Cristian Murarescu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1782 3/31/2026
Jacob Murawski USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1862 6/30/2026
Surabhi Murthy USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1915 10/31/2026
Erik Musil USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1885 7/31/2026
Heba Mustufa USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1738 11/30/2025
Arunprasath Muthusamy USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1826  10/31/2026
Michael Myers USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1441 11/30/2024
Moustafa Nabil Egypt UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1405 8/31/2024
Patrick Nadeau Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1367 3/31/2024
Lakshana Nagaraj USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1271 3/31/2026
Sachin Nagendra USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1467 12/31/2024
Hariish Nanthakumar USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1790 3/31/2026
Rohan Narula USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1552 4/30/2025
Aalap Narvekar USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1408 5/31/2024
Sebastian Neaga USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1336 1/31/2024
Chuck Neubecker USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1429 10/31/2024
Jason Newton Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1494 1/31/2025
Ben Ng USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1583 4/30/2025
Thuc-Uyen Nguyen USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1332 12/31/2023
Charissa Nichoson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1723 10/31/2025
Marco Nunez USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1573 4/30/2025
Michael O'Brien USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1420 9/30/2024
Alican Oeztuerk Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1601 5/31/2025
Ona Ogbonna United Kingdom UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1825 4/30/2026
Babrinde Ogunyoye USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1341 2/29/2024
Robert Oliver USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1986 11/30/2026
Erik Olsen Sweden UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1432 10/31/2024
Alexander Onic Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1358 3/31/2024
Andrew Oosterhouse USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1080 9/30/2025
Koye Oyesiku USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1087 3/31/2026
Mateusz Pacek Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1651 7/31/2025
Jerome Palazzolo USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1987 11/30/2026
Liangchen Pan China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1655 8/31/2025
Yubin Pan China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1802 3/31/2026
Sushma Panchangam USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1929 10/31/2026
Balakrishna Papanna Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1903 8/31/2026
Virat Parikh USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1498 2/28/2025
Brick Park Republic of Korea UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1793 3/31/2026
Ashik Pasham USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1527 2/28/2025
Dhaval Patel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1614 5/31/2025
Radhika Patel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1628 6/30/2025
Rinku Patel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1576 4/30/2025
Nayanjyoti Pathak USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1659 8/31/2025
Tejaskumar Patil USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1474 12/31/2024
Alex Patsos USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1292 7/31/2026
Alexandra Patterson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1319 11/30/2023
Ana Pastor Duran UK UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1021 9/30/2025
Ryan Pauls  USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1710 10/31/2025
Carlos Pena Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1996 11/30/2026
Marcos Pena USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1500 1/31/2025
Peng Peng China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1799 3/31/2026
Yuanchao Peng China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1854 5/31/2026
Zhang Peng China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1803 3/31/2026
Giuseppe Pepe Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1872 11/30/2025
Jason Pereira Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1495 1/31/2025
Robson Pessoa Brazil UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1350 3/31/2024
Erwin Petry Germany UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1050 11/30/2024
Arachaporn Phucharoen USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1836 5/31/2026
Robert Pickett USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1251 2/28/2026
Mike Pidwerbecki Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1294 7/31/2026
Jonathon Pilon Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1485 1/31/2025
Andriy Plisak Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1702 10/31/2025
Nicholas Porter USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1821 4/30/2026
Vivek Prahlada USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1629 7/31/2025
Sachin Prithiviraj USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1822 4/30/2026
Frederic Proulx Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1373 3/31/2024
Anthony Puglisevich Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1315 11/30/2026
Ravi Teja Pusarla USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1542 3/31/2025
Ravi Teja Pusarla USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1040 3/31/2025
Ruohui Qiao USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1726 10/31/2025
Ben Quigley USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1091 10/31/2025
Yoni Rabinowicz Israel UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1530 1/31/2025
Vincent Racine Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1353 3/31/2024
Mir Saman Rahimi Mousavi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1502 1/31/2025
Sheila Raja USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1913 10/31/2026
Alan Rajan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1311 11/30/2023
Anusree Valiyaparambil Rajan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1685 10/31/2025
Shyam Swaroop Rajashekara USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1791 3/31/2026
Ramandeep Singh Rajpal Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1733 11/30/2025
Nikhil Ramaswamy USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1037 1/31/2025
Roberto Ramirez Marin USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1908 9/30/2026
Greg Ramsey USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1662 8/31/2025
Reza Rashidi Far Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1364 3/31/2024
Dipti Raut USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1324 12/31/2023
Freddy Rayes USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1713 10/31/2025
Rohit Ravikumar USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1727 10/31/2025
Logan Rechsteiner USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1616 6/30/2025
Patrick Reeves USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1397 5/31/2024
Taylor Reijm USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1434 10/31/2024
Shana Render USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1699 10/31/2025
Saichidvilas Renukunta USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1735 11/30/2025
Naiki Reynoso USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1152 12/31/2025
Behnam Rezvannia Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1988 11/30/2026
Brendan Rieble USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1887 8/31/2026
Layannah Roberts USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1380 4/30/2024
Bryan Robertson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1863 6/30/2026
Paul Robertson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1153 11/30/2025
Matt Rodrigues USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1320 11/30/2023
Corey Rosenfeld USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1395 5/31/2024
Marco Rossi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1750 12/31/2025
Mathieu Rozon Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1370 3/31/2024
Alejandro Ruiz USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1528 2/28/2025
Anthony Russello Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1781 3/31/2026
Ankit Sabhaya USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1521 2/28/2025
Maha Sabra USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1330 12/31/2023
Swagat Sukumar Sahoo India UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1051 8/31/2026
Revanth SaiMaddineni USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1989 11/30/2026
Karen Sampson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1376 5/31/2025
Luis Sanchez USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1398 6/30/2024
Harry Sand USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1990 11/30/2026
Joel Saurette Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1484 1/31/2025
Erich R. Schafermeyer USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1415 1/31/2025
Karl Scheller USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1261 4/30/2026
Trevor Schlangen USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1684 10/31/2025
Sebastian Schröder Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1875 11/30/2025
Steve Schroeder USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1707 10/31/2025
Reeny Sebastian USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1700 10/31/2025
Bodo Seifert USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1391 5/31/2024
Patrick Seiffert Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1477 1/31/2025
Grace Semerjian USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1905 9/30/2026
Eric Senant USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1666 9/30/2025
John Sgueglia USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1536 3/31/2025
Prathmesh Shah USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1932 11/30/2026
Ricky  Shao China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1692 9/30/2025
Devin Sharma USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1882 7/31/2026
Gautam Sharma USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1687 9/30/2025
Chris Shaughnessy USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1669 9/30/2025
Varunraj Shedge USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1018 3/31/2026
Tao Shen China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1637 7/31/2025
Shaoxun Shi China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1943 10/31/2026
Aditya Shinde USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1779 3/31/2026
Abhishek Shivkumar USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1045 12/31/2025
Shivanshi Shukla USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1660 7/31/2025
Mayank Sikaria USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1338 12/31/2023
Pedro Silva Portugal UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1414 8/31/2024
Lauren Silverstein USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1511 3/31/2025
Thiago Simoes USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1581 4/30/2025
Amit Singh USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1904 8/31/2026
Shashi Singh USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1635 7/31/2025
Sujit Sinha USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1709 10/31/2025
Gontran Sion Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1368 3/31/2024
Venu Siripurapu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1742 11/30/2025
David Sirois USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1565 4/30/2025
Mateusz Skoczylas Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1526 2/28/2025
Chris Smith USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1471 12/31/2024
Doug Smith USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1560 10/31/2024
Lance Smith USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1969 11/30/2026
Hitesh Sojitra USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1459 12/31/2024
Mert Solmaz Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1387 5/31/2024
Jiangbo Song China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1851 5/31/2026
Turbo Song China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1483 12/31/2024
Samuel Sowell USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1626 6/30/2025
Joe Spruce USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1444 11/30/2024
Avaneesh Srinivasa USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1886 8/31/2026
Rajagopalan Srinivasan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1394 5/31/2024
Gabriel St Pierre Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1351 3/31/2024
Brian Stanko USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1318 11/30/2023
Tony Stasik USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1725 10/31/2025
Pawel Stec Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1525 2/28/2025
Eric Stevens USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1183 11/30/2025
Gregory Stout USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1876 7/31/2026
Ernest Streicher USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1596 5/31/2025
Martin Stromberg Sweden UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1829 5/31/2026
Tyler Stuckey USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1417 9/30/2024
Rainer Stuhlberger Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1359 3/31/2024
John Sturza USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1840 5/31/2026
Taotao Su China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1925 10/31/2026
Kailai Sun China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1830 9/30/2026
Yusuf Suna Germany UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1333 12/31/2023
Yusuf Suna Germany UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1032 3/31/2024
Pranita Surtkar USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1866 7/31/2024
Ankitkumar Suthar India UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1856 6/30/2026
Vicki Sverzhinsky USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1449 11/30/2024
Stephen Swan Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1489 1/31/2025
Samantha Swartzmiller USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1305 10/30/2023
Sean Sylwester USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1348 3/31/2024
Long Ta USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1740 11/30/2025
Danielle Tacey USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1451 11/30/2024
Aleksandra Taczala Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1538 3/31/2025
Chengfang Tan China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1934 10/31/2026
Wesley Tan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1602 5/31/2025
Vincent Tanguay Casgrain Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1372 3/31/2024
Dongsheng Tao China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1633 6/30/2025
Jiayu Tao China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1795 3/31/2026
Stephen Taylor USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1761 1/31/2026
Sarvesh Tendolkar USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1743 11/30/2025
Advait Thakre USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1995 11/30/2026
Priya Thamarappallil Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1661 8/31/2025
Shoney Thamim Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1562 4/30/2025
Phyo Thinzar USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1476 1/31/2025
Jherrod Thomas USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1556 4/30/2025
Jordan Thomas USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1399 6/30/2024
John Thompson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1752 12/31/2025
Sonji Thompson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1347 2/29/2024
Steven Thomson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1784 3/31/2026
Min Tian USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1585 4/30/2025
Pengzhi Tian USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1664 9/30/2025
Yukun Tian China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1960 10/31/2026
Holger Tiberg Sweden UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1916 10/31/2026
Christopher Timm USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1606 4/30/2025
Nina Tjoa USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1346 2/29/2024
Pompilian Tofilescu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1747 12/31/2025
Paulina Torres Mexico UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1909 9/30/2026
Alex Travis USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1597 5/31/2025
Neel Trivedi USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1572 4/30/2025
Sebastian Trotta USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1591 4/30/2025
Gabriela Abruzzesi Tunes Brauil UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1355 3/31/2024
Amaia Urkidi Spain UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1819 4/30/2026
Ramesh Vadivelu Japan UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1047 11/30/2023
Satya Vallurupalli USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1704 10/31/2025
Alex van der Ven de Freitas USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1327 12/31/2023
Eric Van Gelder USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1440 11/30/2024
Sadhvi Varagiri USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1617 6/30/2025
Gerardo Vargas Lozano Mexico UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1345 2/29/2024
Saahil Vashishta USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1382 4/30/2024
Marina Vasquez USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1645 7/31/2025
Aaron Vaughan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1630 7/31/2025
Sashank Vedula USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1672 9/30/2025
Aiswarya Veedu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1878 7/31/2026
Andy Veenstra USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1571 4/30/2025
Brenda Velazquez USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1385 5/31/2024
Tyler Ventura USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1771 2/28/2026
Guillermo Vergara Argentina UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1431 9/30/2024
Richard Vezina Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1418 9/30/2024
Nate Villaume USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1623 6/30/2025
Frederic Vincent Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1361 3/31/2024
Mitchell Vinkler USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1835 5/31/2026
Kavya Vittala USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1339 1/31/2024
Georgia Wade USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1746 10/31/2025
Siddharth Waichal USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1845 5/31/2026
Andrew Waite USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1219 2/27/2023
Samuel Walker USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1306 10/30/2023
Dylan Walker Brown USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1539 3/31/2025
Oscar Wall USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1531 10/31/2024
Thomas Walliser USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1719 10/31/2025
Damien Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1805 1/31/2026
Jax Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1640 7/31/2025
Junxin Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1949 10/31/2026
Leo Wang USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1033 3/31/2026
Paul Wang Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1773 2/28/2026
Peng Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1632 6/30/2025
Shaoqian Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1693 9/30/2025
Siyu Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1479 12/31/2024
Tianyi Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1813 4/30/2026
Xiaoyi Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1694 9/30/2025
Xing Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1900 8/31/2026
Ying Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1901 8/31/2026
Yuhan Wang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1696 9/30/2025
Zihao Wang USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1021 9/30/2025
Ikue Warren USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1646 7/31/2025
Zuzanna Warzecha Poland UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1594 5/31/2025
Talha Wasif Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1496 1/31/2025
Robert Weiss USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1975 11/30/2026
Curtis Wesley USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1754 12/31/2025
Mary Williams USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1083 9/30/2025
Thomas Willson USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1578 4/30/2025
Manuel Wong USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1745 11/30/2025
Patrick Woo Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1760 12/31/2025
Matthew Wood USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1031 11/30/2023
Bo Woods Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1492 1/31/2025
James Worden USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1780 3/31/2026
Matthew Wright USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1991 11/30/2026
Huanyu Wu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1850 5/31/2026
Simon Wu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1455 12/31/2024
Simon Wu China UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1043 9/30/2025
Xiping Wu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1852 5/31/2026
Zhiguo Wu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1855 5/31/2026
Xiaohe Xia China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1938 10/31/2026
Jingyu Xiang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1638 7/31/2025
Mingbo Xie China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1950 10/31/2026
Zhiyuan Xie China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1964 10/31/2026
Can Xing China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1890 8/31/2026
Jiajun Xu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1808 4/30/2026
Weitao Xu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1814 4/30/2026
Zhiwen Xu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1963 10/31/2026
Zhongshi Xu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1818 4/30/2026
Guining Yan China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1919 10/31/2026
Jiaai Yan China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1947 10/31/2026
Kevin Yan USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1992 11/30/2026
Shifei Yan China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1812 4/30/2026
Bo Yang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1945 10/31/2026
Huanfeng Yang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1894 8/31/2026
Qingchun Yang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1953 10/31/2026
Sonny Yang USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1841 5/31/2026
Rajasekhar Yannam USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1730 11/30/2025
Pengfei Yao China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1923 10/31/2026
Feifei Ye China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1689 9/30/2025
Ze Ye China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1928 10/31/2026
Justin Yee USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1322 11/30/2023
Ravi Yetchina USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1714 10/31/2025
Evren Yildiz Turkey UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1860 6/30/2026
Xiuchong Yin China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1927 10/31/2026
Calvin (Hang Fung) Yip USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1011 8/31/2025
Kim Yong USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1406 7/31/2024
Mohamad Youssef USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1644 7/31/2025
Marketa Zachova Czech Republic UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1436 10/31/2024
Mohamed Zaher USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1770 2/28/2026
Steve Zeigler USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1724 10/31/2025
Liping Zeng China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1922 10/31/2026
Amy Zhang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1012 7/31/2025
Hongyu Zhang USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1388 5/31/2024
Linhui Zhang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1797 3/31/2026
Maohua Zhang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1798 3/31/2026
Taofei Zhang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1800 3/31/2026
Xiaoliang Zhang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1899 8/31/2026
Xin Zhang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1827 3/31/2026
Yang Zhang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1815 4/30/2026
Yiming Zhang USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1448 11/30/2024
Yixiong Zhang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1817 4/30/2026
Yuanfan Zhang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1939 10/31/2026
Zhendan Zhang China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1961 10/31/2026
Jiajing Zhao China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1807 4/30/2026
Derek Zheng China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1806 4/30/2026
Jinghua Zhong China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1796 3/31/2026
Aaron Zhou USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1447 11/30/2024
Hui Zhou China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1936 10/31/2026
Kunni Zhou China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1810 4/30/2026
Mingo Zhou China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1639 7/31/2025
Shumin Zhou China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1898 8/31/2026
Tao Zhou China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1924 10/31/2026
Weipeng Zhou China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1955 10/31/2026
Wen Zhou China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1956 10/31/2026
Wenwen Zhou China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1926 10/31/2026
Danhua Zhu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1891 8/31/2026
Geoff Zhu USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1545 3/31/2025
Heng Zhu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1480 12/31/2024
Qilin Zhu China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1952 10/31/2026
Saleh Ziaieinejad USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1570 4/30/2025
Jonathan Zofchak USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1567 4/30/2025
James Zou China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1690 9/30/2025
Guy Zur Canada UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1783 3/31/2026

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