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Private and Custom Workshops and Round-Table Discussions

Maximize your training investment with our private, customized and round-table workshops. From professional certifications to compliance help, our learning and professional development solutions address critical business challenges.

Businessman leading a group workshop

Overview of UL Solutions workshops

Choose from private or custom workshops for training tailored to your business requirements. Or, when you need to get up to speed on a standard quickly, our round-table discussions offer accelerated learning.

Private workshops

Does your organization have five or more employees interested in training? If so, let UL Solutions' Knowledge Solutions team bring expert instruction to you through a private workshop. Led by technical experts, we will provide team members with up-to-date information on ever-changing global regulatory schemes and product safety requirements in a tailored content format to meet the specific certification needs of your product line. Participants gain maximum benefit by focusing on their company’s business objectives that can be immediately applied to product and marketing strategies.*

*Private and custom workshops offered for Management Systems Solutions (ISO standards) are tailored from public offerings. Round-table discussions are not available for Management Systems Solutions (ISO standards).

Custom workshops

Does your organization have a multitude of training needs? If yes, custom workshops will provide the maximum impact and can be delivered to a diverse audience, such as senior management, design engineers or regulatory compliance professionals. Using an interactive process, we will work with you to integrate content from several public workshops or develop new content to meet your company’s specific certification needs. Typical steps include:

  • Situation analysis
  • Custom program development
  • Program delivery format (in-house, self-paced, etc.)
  • Post-program measurement
  • Applied learning audits

Round-table discussions

A round-table training approach is an effective means of providing technical training to your staff when a sense of urgency exists and time will not allow for the development of course materials. This training approach uses the appropriate regulatory standard, your product(s) and a UL Solutions technical expert to teach your staff the requirements and interpretations of the standard as it applies to your product. This informal approach does not include presentations, but rather, a direct hands-on training and discussion to standard interpretation for your product. This methodology is most effective with an audience of 10 or fewer participants.*

Benefits of private and customized training

Our private and customized training and education offerings provide the information your team needs to succeed. We will work with you to create a curriculum fully aligned with your business objectives and needs.

  • Content can be tailored to a small group with specific learning needs or multiple audiences throughout the enterprise and its value chain.
  • We can integrate content from several existing workshops into one comprehensive offering, enabling your team to access comprehensive, tailored training on a particular topic or develop new content to meet your requirements.
  • You can also leverage our expertise in workshops, led by UL Solutions' technical experts, when you need to quickly get up to speed on a standard and understand how it applies to your business and markets.

Why choose UL Solutions for training and certification?

Leverage our experience across industries and the global marketplace to expand your company’s business-relevant knowledge and skills. We develop, facilitate and deliver world-class knowledge and skills-based training content across your enterprise. From professional certifications to staying ahead of the curve on compliance issues, we are uniquely positioned to help you and your team expand your knowledge and skills.