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EV Charging: Powering the Future of Transportation

Learn about new technology and innovations in the electric vehicle charging landscape.

Electric vehicle recharging at charging station

Over the last decade, the growth of electric mobility has continued to increase on a global scale. Governments are implementing policies to put more electric vehicles (EV) on the road by 2030 and public acceptance and use are on the rise. Safety is a foundational element of any successful and sustainable technological deployment and must continue to be actively addressed to support the emerging needs.

Learning objectives (or key points)

  • -A high-level summary of legacy EV charging equipment and where the technology is headed
  • -Advanced information on new technology developments, such as active cooling and wireless power transfer
  • -Updates concerning standards development efforts 



Joe Bablo

Principal Engineer - Automotive Equipment and Associated Technologies

Energy & Power Technologies



Webinar date

May 19, 2020

EV Charging - Powering the Future of Transportation

EV Charging Technology Updates and Innovations