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Smart Water Products

Performance and cybersecurity solutions from UL Solutions help manufacturers of water and plumbing products bring their secure, smart-water innovations to the market.

Comprehensive solutions to support smart water products

Technology continues to shape every industry around the world, and water and plumbing is no exception. Manufacturers constantly innovate new, smart-water products, and it is clear that these products will be integral to the future of the connected home, workplace and city. UL Solutions remains at the forefront of this movement and can help you demonstrate the safe performance of your connected products. 

Our experience with wireless connectivity, interoperability and cybersecurity requirements and standards complements our extensive knowledge of the water and plumbing industry to make UL Solutions your ideal partner when designing, producing and going to market with your connected products.

With the strong growth of both smart buildings and smart cities, manufacturers must innovate while considering historic risks, including safety, health effects and overall performance, along with new challenges. Connected devices such as smart meters, leak detectors, faucets, irrigation and water filtration systems must operate correctly on their own and with other technology in the smart ecosystem. Each of these devices must also remain protected against the threat of cybersecurity breaches from bad actors.

In addition to consumer-level uses in both residential and commercial spaces, water utilities are adopting smart technologies to monitor and maintain their systems. This has led to advancements in key areas like metering, leak detection, remote shutoff, and pressure management but also adds new levels of risk for both the water system owner and the product manufacturer. You can leverage UL Solutions’ expertise with connected technology to help you address these concerns at the hardware, software and even supply-chain level as you work toward meeting customer expectations by helping to deliver reliable products built on confidence and trust.

Wireless compliance testing services for connected water products

Most countries have regulations or standards in place that are required for wireless products to enter the market. Wireless testing assesses a devices’ capacity to connect with other devices and/or networks and perform operational tasks by means of this connection. Our UL Solutions team will conduct a series of tests to verify regulatory compliance and user safety. Devices must be tested to ensure they function properly using all applicable wireless protocols. In addition, we confirm the device is operating on the correct wireless frequency, and it complies with international type approval requirements for the intended region(s) of sale.

Interoperability testing for water and plumbing products 

We remain committed to helping you work toward a more reliable future for your products. Supporting seamless connectivity is an important part of the process, and interoperability testing takes this one step further by helping connected devices work well with your customer’s current ecosystem.

Whether you are new to smart technology integration, or have been doing it for years, our seasoned experts can help your company navigate the ever changing ecosystem of iOS and Android phones and Wi-Fi routers to help ensure your mobile application and smart products can get connected, stay connected and deliver on their intended features. Identifying and fixing interoperability problems, before your product's release, can help improve customer satisfaction, reduce returns, save money, improve app reviews, increase sales and protect your company’s brand. 

Product cybersecurity for smart water and plumbing solutions

From commercial and residential applications to industrial devices to water infrastructure solutions, smart water and plumbing products are accelerating industry innovation. These new products offer many benefits while also creating new challenges. Due to the increased attack surface of connected technologies, manufacturers must incorporate cybersecurity upfront into product development and plans for system integrations. 

UL Solutions has expertise in global cybersecurity regulations, best practices and frameworks and can help guide you through cybersecurity considerations for product development, integration for connected systems, and demonstrating security posture for connected products and systems to end customers.

UL Solutions helps support your cybersecurity efforts with education, testing, Verification, certification and supply chain security services across the following offerings:

In today’s connected world, UL Solutions helps organizations understand and manage their product cybersecurity risks and validate their cybersecurity capabilities to the marketplace.


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