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IoT Security Starter Kit

Accelerate your internal IoT cybersecurity capabilities with a comprehensive, packaged solution from UL.

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Accelerate your internal IoT cybersecurity capabilities

Building cybersecurity into connected products is a critical component needed to unlock the vast potential of IoT innovation. If done well, it empowers companies to successfully implement their business strategy, mitigate risks, protect their brand reputation, create product differentiation and establish market leadership.

Even with the advancement of connected product innovation across industries, most products today are still built to functional, cost and time-to-market objectives. Security is not a primary consideration, or an after-thought at best. To mitigate organizational risk, security needs to be a consistent and thorough throughout product development and lifecycle management processes.

To empower organizations of varying security maturity, UL offers the IoT Security Starter Kit to help improve internal cybersecurity capabilities. Based on Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) best practices, the UL IoT Security Starter Kit will help you:

  • Help advance in-house security knowledge and capabilities
  • Compare internal security processes and practices to industry frameworks and standards
  • Prioritize processes and practices that require improvements to meet industry frameworks and standards
  • Understand product, security architecture and design risks through testing for vulnerabilities and exploits

UL IoT Security Starter Kit

The UL IoT Security Starter Kit helps to improve internal cybersecurity capabilities for a secure development lifecycle to enable secure product development and lifecycle management. Our set of offerings is customizable based on your specific and unique security needs. This kit includes:

Security by Design training

Help improve internal cybersecurity capabilities and expertise tied to a secure development lifecycle.

UL’s training will empower you with knowledge on:

  • Security by design principles
  • Secure development lifecycle frameworks
  • Concrete implementation and product roadmap suggestions 

Training formats available include:

  • Remote half-day interactive training
  • Remote or on-site 1-2 day workshop, tailored to a product strategy and roadmap

SDL gap analysis

Review and prepare for a security assessment by performing a gap analysis focused on required security processes and documentation.

UL will perform a gap analysis, comparing your security processes and practices to industry frameworks, which helps:

  • Scope products and systems and their applicable security requirements
  • Identify areas for improvement and readiness for potential cybersecurity assessment

Product security architecture review

Perform product security architecture design reviews focused on required security features. UL identifies the potential risks or gaps with a focus on must-have security by design features, based on a detailed examination of the architecture and design documentation.

A product security architecture review helps you:

  • Identify the product’s assets and possible attack scenarios
  • Evaluate adherence to essential security by design principles
  • Spot potential security flaws early in the development process

Penetration testing

Penetration testing involves discovering and exploiting software vulnerabilities with extensive hacking techniques. UL testing looks at common security weaknesses and controls, based on IoT and cybersecurity best practices, including:

  • Black box – outsider security assessment
  • Grey box – moderately in-depth security assessment
  • White box – comprehensive, full access security assessment

This testing provides security level insights, including demonstrated vulnerabilities and remediation advice.

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