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IEC 62443 Solutions

Accelerate your cyber readiness with UL Solutions' comprehensive IEC 62443 solutions.

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Accelerate your cyber readiness with IEC 62443 solutions

Digital technologies have successfully penetrated the manufacturing sector and continue to do so at an ever increasing rate. This merging of the cyber and physical worlds means improved efficiency, but also results in an increased exposure of your critical manufacturing infrastructure to cyber risk.

Benefits of IEC 62443 certification

Our IEC 62443 cybersecurity solutions help to instill cybersecurity rigor into your processes. We offer a suite of cybersecurity testing and certification services for IEC 62443 to fit your security needs and help you:

  • Assess the security and quality of your products
  • Prove to customers that you implemented a required security level in an efficient way
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Manage supply chain complexity
  • Enhance brand protection

Testing to the IEC 62443 standard for ICS manufacturers, integrators and end users

The international standard IEC 62443 was created to lay the foundation of cybersecurity robustness. It aims to mitigate risks for industrial communication networks by defining procedures for implementing electronically secure plants, facilities and systems across industries.

The various standards of IEC 62443 are dedicated both to ICS manufacturers as well as to integrators and end users. For component and product manufacturers, compliance to IEC 62443 can help demonstrate the security of your systems and components and enhance your market position. We offer assessments focused on your product and manufacturing development procedures (following IEC 62443-4-1) as well as on the security functionalities and robustness of the individual product components (following IEC 62443-4-2).

For Industrial Control System (ICS) integrators and users of control systems, compliance to IEC 62443 is a powerful way to achieve increased brand protection and expanded competitive advantage.

We help support those efforts with assessments of your procedures and policies, following IEC 62443-2-4. Moreover, we offer an assessment for organizations integrating ICS systems and components in which we verify the secure way in which these products are deployed within the network, following IEC 62443-3-3.

Security solutions from every angle


During an interactive training or tailored workshop, we will empower you to make educated choices based on the IEC 62443 family of standards, taking into account issues related to control and automation systems. The course will dive into industry best practices and the evidence you would need to deliver to your customers.

Gap analysis

We can provide a constructive review that will provide you with the differences between your current and desired state for meeting IEC 62443 sub-standards. Results will be provided in a gap analysis report that can be customized to include testing if necessary or requested.

System security architecture review

We can identify the potential risks or gaps relative to IEC 62443 sub-standards, which we will then take into account to conduct your customized security design and architecture review.

Penetration testing

Our penetration tests provide clear insights into the security level of your product, system and infrastructure. After the penetration test, you will receive a report with the results of the test including demonstrated vulnerabilities within your product, system and infrastructure.


We can assess and certify system integrators and maintenance service providers to give assurance to plant owners and operators. We offer a choice of assessment and certification options to respond to your needs in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Surveillance and inspection

Our surveillance and inspection services help verify if you took sufficient security measures to maintain your certification status. At the end of the inspection, you will receive a report with the results you can use to determine the right actions that will help ensure the security level meets the set goals.

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