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Municipal Water Systems

UL Solutions can help you keep pace with water quality, safety and performance requirements and the considerations associated with the connected technology entering the industry.

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Full-service solutions for municipal water systems 

Water supply products are crucial for delivering water to the world’s population. Though the fixtures in our homes and workplaces are often first to mind when people think of our water supply, manufacturers and the municipalities they support have a lot to consider before bringing water to the tap. UL Solutions can help you keep pace with water quality, safety, performance and sustainability requirements and the considerations associated with the connected technology entering the industry.

We remain up to date with the evolving demands and standards shaping municipal water systems and components and can help you maintain performance and safety while keeping a steady eye on the environment. Our experts can help you navigate all of your compliance needs, from early-stage advisory through final testing and certification.

Our comprehensive compliance solutions cover a range of products used to transport water. From municipal water treatment facilities to the network of pumps, water tanks and piping systems that connect to commercial and residential buildings, we help you keep everything flowing as planned.

UL Solutions’ consultative approach allows us to learn your unique needs and helps you understand not only the applicable regulations and certifications but also why testing is required and what your results mean. This collaborative process enables you to identify design considerations and better address the demands of your market.

Performance and safety for municipal water systems

Though water treatment remains a critical part of water supply and distribution, the various components that move water through the process and out to commercial and residential buildings are important as well. UL Solutions works with the industry to understand needs, offer guidance, and help manufacturers and municipalities find success.

Municipal water supply and distribution component manufacturers must ensure their products do not leach contaminants into drinking water. In most U.S. states, these products must demonstrate compliance to the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components — Health Effects, and NSF/ANSI 372: Drinking Water System Components — Lead Content. Water treatment chemicals must comply with NSF/ANSI 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals — Health Effects. UL Solutions can also evaluate products and components for electrical and mechanical safety and the security of connected technology to support comprehensive safety and performance. Our experience working with industry associations and local authorities provides us with a firm, updated understanding of industry needs and can help manufacturers pursue certification for complete systems.

Infrastructure in many locations is approaching end of life, and considerable investments are being made to identify, replace and repair aging equipment, in some cases with new, innovative products. UL Solutions can help ensure compliance and help you differentiate by evaluating product reliability, verifying your marketing claims, and benchmark your products against the competition. Establishing the performance of your products through independent testing demonstrates your commitment to reliability and helps you build trust and respect in the market.

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