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Put the UL Mark in Your Marketing


October 3, 2018

The UL Certification Mark differentiates you from those unable to meet our stringent requirements. To showcase that differentiation to your current and prospective customers, we encourage you to use your UL certification and the UL Certification Mark on your packaging and in your advertising and promotions. This guide will help you accurately promote your UL product certification and use the UL Certification Mark to help your customers understand its meaning and significance.

1. Use the proper Mark

Make sure the Mark you are using for promotional purposes matches the Mark we have authorized and is used on your product. We offer several Marks for water products, examples of which are shown below. Additionally, if your product uses an enhanced version of our certification Mark, you may also use an optional promotional badge. When using a UL Certification Mark or badge in your advertising and promotions, supplemental information such as the standard or use restrictions are not required.

2. Text references to UL, UL certification and the UL Certification Mark

When writing or describing your UL certification, be sure to use the correct reference. As noted in the Marks above, describe your product as being “UL Listed” if you have a Listing or “UL Classified” if you have a Classification. “UL Certified” may be used for products using an enhanced version of our Mark. For example, if your products have a UL Listing, you may say: “Our valves are UL Listed,” but not “Our valves are UL Classified” or “Our valves are UL Certified.” The terms “Listed” and “Classified” are UL-specific terms that describe the UL certification services UL provides.

3. Always be Specific

Always pair the news about your UL certification with information and images featuring the specific product certified by UL. Your certification is for a specific product, not a company.

4. Stop using if a product is no longer certified

If a product is no longer certified by UL, the UL Certification Mark, UL promotional badge and all references to UL must no longer be used on the product, packaging and any promotional materials.

5. Not sure? Ask.

If you are unsure whether the UL Certification Mark can be used in a specific situation, please contact UL. We are always happy to answer your questions.

Additional Tips:

  • The UL Certification Mark or references to UL certification can never be used on:
    • Your company stationery or business cards
    • In e-mail signatures
    • On vehicles
    • On clothing or employee gear
    • General company advertising or promotional materials
  • Do not use the UL Certification Mark or refer to UL certification until your product has achieved UL certification. Avoid statements indicating that UL certification is "pending."
  • Do not use the UL name or any UL Certification Mark as an identifier or in any top-level domain or subdomain names
  • Do not place any self-declared claims in close proximity to UL references or the UL Certification Mark
  • Do not use the UL brand logo