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Material Selection, Insights and Certifications

UL Solutions offers a suite of digital solutions to aid in selection and sourcing of chemicals, materials and components.

Sourcing materials and suppliers is an ever-increasing challenge.

With demand for faster product innovation, increasing customer requirements and more supply chain challenges, identifying the right materials and suppliers is a complex problem to solve.

We can help you simplify this process.

UL Solutions offers material and component search databases for sourcing materials, components and other engineered materials. The databases offer thousands of data points and documentation in an easy-to-use database that you can access from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

For years, product developers have relied on UL Solutions' Prospector® to find the appropriate materials for their next project. The search engine is available for ten industries including plastics, personal care and cosmetics, paint and coatings, food, inks, cleaners, additives, metals, lubricants and adhesives.

Prospector also can provide specific product details so product developers have early insights and alignment with global regulations, retailer requirements and customer preferences like organic or natural products. Prospector also aids engineers in the selection of plastics for many industries including automotive, medical and biopolymers. Search functions tied to material properties help identify resins for a specific project or source an alternative plastic.

UL Product iQ® is the official source for UL certification information. A free Product iQ account allows users to identify and verify the UL certification of products and components, locate guide information and search for alternative certified products among thousands of UL certified products, components and materials.