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PATH™ SmartSuite Full Digital Solution

Gain complete visibility into your consumer product testing data with PATH™ SmartSuite.

PATH® SmartSuite full digital solution offerings

In today’s fast-paced world, companies struggle to collect and compile supply chain data in one place for various products. This leads to inconsistent data being scattered across multiple locations causing inefficiencies in reporting supply chain issues.

Our comprehensive suite of digital solutions is designed around managing your business. The UL PATH™ SmartSuite solution provides customized visibility into data reporting in one easy to use platform.

The UL PATH™ SmartSuite is a web-based platform providing a single unified view of various tools and resources supporting Lifecycle Management, Information Management, Business Intelligence, Corrective Action, and Technical Questions. These tools can save you time, money and risk.

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Digital technology solutions

Lifecycle management imageLifecycle management

Successful management of your product’s lifecycle begins with a quick, seamless way to procure a testing request and the ability to monitor the progress. Our Lifecycle Management tools allow you to do just that with our easy and intuitive online order forms and service status applications. Create and manage your orders and access up-to-date statuses of your projects.

Online order forms
  • Easy-to-use electronic order forms for automated request submissions
  • Auto-fill function saves previous supply chain information for faster future requests
  • Configurable options for client-specific information
Service status
  • Timely dashboards for visibility into the status of your order requests
  • Flexible search and refinement options to find orders quickly
  • Configurable options of specific client status information


Business intellegenceBusiness intelligence

Our powerful business analytics solutions offer greater visibility into your supply chain to quickly identify potential risks. The solutions provide your team with advanced dashboards with flexible search and refinement options for enhanced viewing of data.

Use intelligent data analytics to uncover risks in the supply chain, viewable through a performance dashboard, vendor scorecard, and failure analysis.

Analytics such as vendor scorecard, supply chain information, failure information, and product compliance performance are just a few of the insights we deliver to our clients.

Our analytics provide comprehensible insights

  • Easy to use dashboards of powerful insights to cover all of your lines of business
  • Vendor and supply chain compliance information
  • Visibility into identified failures, defects, and violations
  • Incorporated disposition data
  • Advanced technology and features to support more predictive analytics


Corrective action solutionsCorrective action solutions

Real-time collaboration solutions allow you to track and resolve failures and violations found during a test, audit, or inspection. Suppliers and vendors are notified as issues arise. The system allows suppliers and vendors to fix the issues by supplying root cause and corrective action plans. You will receive email notifications with status results based on current tasks and actions.

  • CAPA for audits
  • Disposition for testing
  • Disposition for inspection


Information managementInformation management

Access all your reports and documents in SmartDoc to manage your most critical information.


Our document management solution, SmartDoc, allows you to store, track, and manage all of your critical program documents such as reports, technical files, forms, SOP’s, and more.

  • Easy access to reports and other program-related documentation
  • State-of-the-art search and refinement for quick and easy access to information
  • Operational cost savings

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