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Cybersecurity for Physical Security Systems

Cybersecurity services for life safety and physical security systems.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling more sophisticated capabilities through network-connected products and systems. As a result, life safety and physical security systems are becoming more interconnected. While there are wide-ranging benefits associated with this connectedness, there are also new risks, chief among them, cybersecurity.  

According to many recent reports and governments around the globe, not only is there a rise in the number of cyberattacks occurring — the sophistication of them continues to advance. It is imperative that life safety and physical security systems be evaluated for cybersecurity to help ensure performance, reliability, prevent damage to assets, mitigate risk, improve security, and maintain health and safety. While often not thought about, we all would like the peace of mind that they will work as intended when called upon in an emergency.

Life Safety and Physical Security System Cybersecurity Services

Advisory Services
Work with our cybersecurity experts to understand potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses, assist in the development of a cybersecurity roadmap, help prioritize initial actions that will have the biggest impact, and understand the threat landscape. 

Learn from our experts about basic to advanced aspects of cybersecurity. This will help your team to learn how to start addressing cybersecurity, know what questions to ask of vendors and clients, speak a common language about cybersecurity, and stay on top of this ever-evolving risk.   

Whether it’s a product or system, our experts can help you uncover potential software weaknesses, malware, known vulnerabilities and address risk controls. This service can be customized from comprehensive to key, critical tests to address high-priority risks. 

Gap analysis
Our cybersecurity experts can conduct a cursory review of your product or system to identify critical issues and provide requisite guidance and direction for mitigation.

We offer a certification scheme for both products and systems in accordance with the UL 2900-2-3, Outline of Investigation for Software Cybersecurity for Network-Connectable Products: Particular Requirements for Security and Life Safety Signaling Systems, for manufacturers, owners and integrators. The deliverable for this service is a UL Certificate for a specific product or system, signifying that it meets the requirements of the UL 2900-2-3 document.


Our suite of cybersecurity services helps life safety and physical security manufacturers, integrators, end users, consultants and asset owners fulfill their shared responsibility to mitigate cybersecurity risks. Working with us helps protect your brand, meet your client’s requirements, provide you differentiation in a competitive market, and demonstrate you’re doing your part to address cybersecurity risk.

Why UL Solutions

Our reputation for trust, independence and expertise allows for a holistic and flexible approach to address cybersecurity throughout the life cycle of a product or system, from design to decommissioning. Our interest is your success and providing custom solutions to help meet your cybersecurity goals.


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