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ESG Pre-verification

Elevated pre-verification tools and services for enhanced ESG reporting, as defined by standards ISO 14064-3, AA1000AS, ISAE 3000, and ISAE 3410.

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Advance ESG transparency with an expert-led pre-verification engagement

As many regulations, customer demands and investor needs require organizations to provide verified environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, preparation with an ESG pre-verification engagement is a beneficial move — even if your reporting date isn’t immediate. Doing so can mitigate the risk of regulatory noncompliance that could result in legal and financial penalties and more.

Discover how our expert ESG management tools and services for an ESG pre-verification engagement can help you navigate conformity requirements for standards ISO 14064-3, AA1000AS, ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3410. Your organization can benefit from:


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Strategic readiness

Preparing for impending regulatory, customer and investor demands on ESG data transparency offers a strategic advantage in compliance and reputation management.

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Enhanced ESG data controls

ESG pre-verification can identify opportunities to elevate the effectiveness of ESG data controls.

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Efficient verification engagements

ESG pre-verification can identify any material errors or non-conformities ahead of full verification, enabling a more efficient engagement with a higher likelihood of achieving an unmodified assessment opinion.


Key steps for ESG pre-verification

Our ESG pre-verification seven-phase process lays a firm foundation for reporting success with expert-led:

  • Information gathering, including prior disclosure requests
  • Document requests and stakeholder interviews 
  • Gap, quality and peer analysis with a results report
  • Results workshop and disclosure review 
  • Actionable personalized road map and more

Our ESG pre-verification service supports customer preparation for verification to multiple standards, direct focus on the key categories and criteria, a conformance score application, and an enhancement effort level estimated from low to high. With UL Solutions, our expert-led pre-verification process takes only five to 10 days to complete and also includes:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) data and their controls evaluation
  • Highlighting conformity gaps and deficiencies highlights
  • Suggestions for gap resolution

Explore verification readiness with global experts

UL Solutions' globally recognized science-safety expertise, over 20-year history of measuring and reporting carbon data to standards, heritage UL 360 Reporting Software and ESG team experts offer organizations worldwide a partner known for its efficiency and deep experience in GHG reporting and verification services.

Move your organization forward on its ESG and sustainability journey.

If you’d like to learn more about the full GHG verification services offered by the UL Solutions ESG Advisory and Assurance team, contact us today.

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Move your organization forward on its ESG and sustainability journey.

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