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Enterprise Verification of Greenhouse Gas Statements to ISO 14064-3

Seek independent verification of your greenhouse gas (GHG) statements to ISO 14064-3 to meet emerging regulatory, investor and customer demand.

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Measuring carbon emissions and obtaining third-party verification that your greenhouse gas (GHG) statements contain accurate information is a critical step for businesses to provide transparency and slow climate impact. As voluntary and mandatory GHG programs advance globally, companies thrive with accurate GHG reporting and experience countless benefits linked to brand value and reputation.

This is no simple task. Companies around the world observed significant regulatory requirements being implemented or proposed, enhancements to corporate purchasing requirements, and sustained investor disclosure scoring requirements. We can help you overcome the challenges associated with carbon measurement and reporting, demonstrate credibility to your stakeholders with third-party verification of your GHG emissions statements and report with confidence.

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Verifying GHG statements to ISO 14064-3 with UL Solutions

As defined by the ISO 14064-3 standard, assurance engagements can be conducted at two levels, reasonable and limited:

  • Reasonable – Where the nature and extent of the verification activities have been designed to provide a high — but not absolute — level of assessment of historical data and information.
  • Limited – Where the nature and extent of the verification activities have been designed to provide a reduced level of assessment of historical data and information.

Enterprise and Product GHG Verification Video

UL Solutions offers independent verification of enterprise and product GHG statements to ISO 14064-3. Watch the video to learn more.

Seven steps to achieve a GHG verification statement with UL Solutions 

The timeline to achieve verification depends on several factors, including the scope of the GHG statement boundary and the complexity of the GHG management system. In all cases, our experts complete the steps below to perform verification services:  

Seven phases of delivering verification engagements

Advantages of working with UL Solutions

Our talent possesses deep and broad expertise in carbon management, offering more than 20 years of experience in measuring and reporting.

With our third-party review, we help verify the information on your GHG statement is complete, reliable and impartial. At the end of the evaluation process, you’ll receive a report with the findings summarized. Once we perform the verification, you will earn a UL Verification Mark, which helps demonstrate transparency.

By working with us, you can satisfy customers’, investors’ and regulators’ demands for independent verification of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Verification: What, Why and How

Understand key steps in your GHG verification process and why you should verify your GHG emissions to build trust.


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