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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Advisory and Assurance Services

UL Solutions ESG advisory and assurance services can enhance your ESG program from initial mobilization through verification of environmental data and content for reporting.

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Move your sustainability journey forward with UL Solutions

As stakeholder expectations and regulatory demands for environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting continue to rise, companies all over the world must take action to provide relevant, transparent and accurate ESG information.   

Whether your company is emerging or leading, navigating solo through the world of ESG reporting and keeping pace with evolving demands can be daunting. UL Solutions ESG management services can provide the end-to-end guidance, services and tools needed to succeed.   

Transparency and profitability can go hand in hand

Recent surveys highlight the challenges organizations face around changing ESG rules and regulations, undefined industry operational roles, a lack of disclosure transparency and more.

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According to the Index Industry Association (IIA) survey, 85% of asset managers say ESG is a high priority for their companies, but 64% were concerned about a lack of transparency and corporate disclosure on firms' ESG activities. (Qontigo Blog, July 2021)

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The IIA survey also found that 56% of respondents said they are finding it difficult to comply with constantly evolving ESG rules. (Qontigo Blog, July 2021) 

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Only one in four companies are at advanced stages of preparation to obtain independent assurance on their reported ESG information, even though 66% are required to disclose ESG data or expect to be soon —  including 78% of listed companies — according to a new survey released by global professional services provider KPMG. (KPMG ESG Assurance Maturity Index - KPMG Global

From initial mobilization through to verification, UL Solutions can help take your ESG and sustainability efforts to the next level with our pragmatic, science-driven approach to:

  • Identifying focus areas to drive ESG performance
  • Building robust approaches to measure ESG execution
  • Defining ESG performance policies and targets
  • Managing content for internal and external ESG reporting

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Why UL Solutions

UL Solutions’ 20+ years of expertise in ESG measurement, standards application and pragmatic processes can empower your business to confidently navigate sustainability challenges — from beginning to end, and every stage in between.

Select from a wide range of services to develop an ESG management program that meets your company’s needs, including access to:

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Third-party verification of carbon emissions statements and ESG data

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Simplified CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) reporting, disclosure submissions, improved questionnaire quality, initial KPI establishment and more

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Advanced carbon data management, including scope 3 emissions

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ESG advisory services for materiality assessments and science-based targets

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Reporting regulations and compliance gap analysis review

Transforming data into more than numbers

“UL Solutions has been a valuable partner as we continue on our ESG journey. Their skills in compiling and interpreting data, aligning objectives with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and recommending best practices for reporting have helped us identify aspirational goals for the future.”
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  • Leann Mester
  • Director of corporate marketing and communications
  • Physicians Realty Trust (DOC)

Discover enhanced opportunities and collaborative innovation with UL Solutions’ expert ESG and sustainability services, pioneering safety solutions, broad global impact, cutting-edge research and more.

Services offered

UL Solutions can help you mobilize, measure, manage, report and verify your ESG data with expert guidance on establishing ESG programs, optimizing for growth, overcoming integration and sustainability alignment barriers, and much more. 

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  • ESG and carbon training
  • ESG double materiality assessment
  • ESG materiality assessment
  • ESG system readiness
  • Independent third-party opinion on sustainability-linked bonds
  • Scope 3 carbon screening
  • Scope 3 materiality and methodology
  • Sustainable procurement gap analysis
  • Workshop on carbon measurement and management
  • Workshop on environmental, social, and governance
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  • Development of scope 3 baseline
  • ENERGY STAR® account management, data collection, ordinance benchmarking, and certification
  • ESG key performance indicators and methods
  • Financed emissions measurement 
  • Scope 3 materiality and methodology
  • Scope 1 and 2 carbon reporting
  • Supplier carbon data enablement
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  • ESG performance benchmark
  • Science-based target readiness assessment and target development
  • Sustainability policies development
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  • CDP disclosure review and advisory services   
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) services
  • GRESB readiness assessment and disclosure enhancement
  • SEC climate disclosure rule alignment
  • Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) alignment
  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) assessment
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  • Enterprise Verification of Greenhouse Gas Statements to ISO 14064-3
  • ESG pre-verification 

*Verification and pre-verification engagements are conducted independently from advisory services.

ESG and sustainability management software

Learn more about UL Solutions ESG reporting software.


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