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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Advisory and Assurance Services

UL Solutions ESG advisory and assurance services can enhance your ESG program from initial mobilization through verification of environmental data and content for reporting.

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Transparency is the foundation of trust

It’s a fact that ESG investors are making decisions based on objectives for reducing risk, increasing returns, screening out undesirable investments and generating positive sustainability impacts. You want to have answers to investors’ questions about your ESG performance.

According to a recent ESG investor survey by PwC in 2021, 79% of those surveyed consider ESG risks and opportunities an important factor in investment decision-making.

UL Solutions ESG advisory and assurance services help companies at all levels of ESG maturity, in addition to providing tools to measure and manage your performance as strategically and seamlessly as possible.

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ESG Advisory and Assurance Services

What is environmental, social and governance? 

ESG is a framework for reporting the non-financial performance of a company and is used as a set of standards by responsible investors to gauge companies and other entities on their environmental, social and governance performance. According to BlackRock, 95% of global insurers representing $27 trillion (USD) in assets say climate risk will have significant impact on portfolio construction decisions.

The list of issues assessed in ESG include:

ESG factors

Companies that report ESG performance effectively create business value

ESP European stock

The effectiveness of a company’s ESG performance reporting varies by maturity level. What stage of reporting is your company?

ESG maturity level table

UL Solutions provides pragmatic, standards-driven services for reporting, including:

ESG services

We are able to support the following ESG services on your journey:

  • CDP Disclosure Review
  • Development of Scope 3 baseline
  • Enhance ESG reporting
  • Environmental management gap analysis
  • ESG KPI and methods
  • ESG management system
  • ESG materiality assessment
  • ESG double materiality assessment
  • ESG performance benchmark
  • ESG training
  • Financed emissions
  • GHG verification ISO 14064-3 assurance services
  • Independent third-party opinion on sustainability-linked bonds
  • Science-based target readiness assessment and target development
  • Scope 3 materiality and methodology
  • Scope 3 carbon screening
  • SEC climate disclosure rule alignment
  • SFDR alignment
  • Sustainable procurement gap analysis
  • TCFD assessment

ESG and Sustainability Management Software

Learn more about UL Solutions ESG reporting software.

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