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Scope 3 Emissions e-Book

Understanding, then applying the tips learned in this e-book is a suggested first step in tackling your organization’s scope 3 emissions.

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Controlling supply chain emissions requires an in-depth understanding of the scope 3 value chain — it’s origin, definition and impact. But many organizations don’t know where to start, leaving them at risk of falling behind their competitors and failing to adequately meet new regulatory requirements.  

As the demands for scope 3 emissions reporting accelerate, organizations worldwide should start preparing for future regulations by first understanding what scope 3 reporting requires and how to develop a reporting process that allows them to identify, track and measure their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).  

After reading this e-book, you will have learned about: 

  • Greenhouse gases (GHG) and how they’re organized 
  • The degree to which GHG’s can be identified and measured 
  • The challenges associated with scope 3 emissions, along with helpful tips to start your scope 3 reporting journey 
  • Additional resources to help you take control of your organization’s scope 3 emissions.
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UL 360 Scope 3 ebook

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