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Decarbonization Advisory Services

UL Solutions offers expert-led decarbonization services to help businesses achieve Net-Zero goals. From science-based target development to sustainable procurement, our tailored solutions support your journey.

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Discover decarbonization services for organizational success

The imperative for decarbonization is becoming increasingly urgent, driven by a multitude of global factors. From regulatory mandates to the pressure of meeting public commitments, organizations are becoming increasingly compelled to take action to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards achieving Net-Zero goals. In this context, several key direct and indirect drivers are pushing companies toward action, including:

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Emerging regulatory requirements with new mandates that set carbon intensity thresholds and expand carbon pricing programs.

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Delivering on public commitments, which entails meeting science-based targets and earning positive analyst evaluations.

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Maintaining investor interest by demonstrating the effectiveness of organizations’ climate transition plans and mitigating stranded asset risks.

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Contributing to a sustainable climate through efforts to reduce the impact of business activities across the value chain.

As global organizations face mounting pressure to deliver on their carbon reduction commitments, UL Solutions offers expert guidance, support and services for decarbonizing assets, products and value chains, regardless of the stage of their journey. Whether your organization is:

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Emerging by focusing on journey mapping, gathering baseline data, and developing solution lists.

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Evolving by implementing operational efficiencies and renewable energy as quick wins.

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Maturing by executing process changes, including substitutions and value chain engagement.

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Leading by innovating through new products, services and business models.

Explore our evidence-based and pragmatic decarbonization roadmaps that can help your organization implement the actionable steps needed to get closer to your Net-Zero goals.

Why choose UL Solutions Decarbonization Services?

UL Solutions’ suite of Decarbonization Advisory Services* addresses the diverse needs of organizations committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Each expert-led service is designed and tailored to provide actionable and comprehensive support that can lead to organizations reaching their decarbonization goals. 

Science-based Target Development (SBTi)

Work with our experts to develop and achieve an approved science-based target that aligns with your sustainability objectives. Our SBTi team’s comprehensive support includes reviewing baseline emissions data, developing targets using SBTi criteria and providing paperwork submission assistance and SBTi validation support.

Decarbonization Prioritization List

Gain insights into feasible decarbonization options through peer and industry research and stakeholder interviews to develop short-, medium- and long-term approaches; prioritization based on a matrix of impact versus ease of implementation; and the development of a detailed, high-priority summary report.

Scope 1 and 2 Decarbonization Roadmap

Collaborate to develop a quantified roadmap for decarbonizing owned and operated assets. Our experts offer energy auditing and validation for carbon reduction opportunities, assessment workshops for validated approach viability, business case development, and a one-year, two- to five-year, and beyond-five-year process roadmap with GHG (Greenhouse Gas) savings and budget needs. Customers can empower their decisions with a decarbonization tool analysis that helps scenario planning for asset repositioning, carbon modeling and cash flow analysis.

Discover Scope 1 and Scope 2 guidance to improved carbon emissions management.

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Scope 3 Decarbonization Roadmap

Unlock the potential for decarbonization across key Scope 3 categories with our pragmatic, quantified roadmap development. We assist in mapping for selected Scope 3 categories, baseline and future-state characterizations per sub-category, assess attributes and appropriate emission factors, future-state analysis, ambition scenarios and carbon reduction pathway calculation based on emission factor change and ambition scenario.

Explore UL 360 Scope 3 emissions reporting software, advisory services and more.

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Net Zero Plan Evaluation

Enhance your sustainability journey with our comprehensive Net Zero Plan – 3rd Party validation services. We meticulously evaluate your Net Zero plan and strategies for credibility, supporting transparency and practical actionability. Our services benchmarks decarbonization plans against peer best practices, providing a gap analysis with SBTi and GHG Protocol standards. 

Net Zero Readiness Assessment

Transition confidently to a sustainable future with our Net Zero Readiness Assessment. Aligned with ISO standards, our services offer an evaluation of your organization’s preparedness for a Net-Zero transition. Our assessment identifies potential opportunities for energy and emissions reduction, offer insights into renewable alternatives and helps you align every step with international best practices. 

*Verification and pre-verification engagements are conducted independently from advisory services.

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Are you ready to take the lead in meeting carbon targets, fostering transparency and driving sustainability while confidently addressing your decarbonization goals? Complete the Contact Us form to get more information about our comprehensive Decarbonization Services today. 


Get connected with our team

Are you ready to take the lead in meeting carbon targets, fostering transparency and driving sustainability while confidently addressing your decarbonization goals? Complete the Contact Us form to get more information about our comprehensive Decarbonization Services today. 

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