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ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking, Ordinance Compliance and Certification Services

Reach your energy and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting goals with UL Solutions services for ENERGY STAR.

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Energy efficiency matters 

As more city and state regulators mandate the submission of energy efficiency scores to comply with energy ordinances, it is critical that you are ready to meet requirements. 

Why ENERGY STAR certification for buildings? 

ENERGY STAR, the U.S. government-based energy efficiency program founded in 1992, has helped American consumers save 520 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in 2020, saving $42 billion (USD). Assessing your building for compliance with ENERGY STAR may offer savings and peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing for the environment and your wallet. Additionally, displaying your ENERGY STAR certification on the front of a building lets everyone entering the building know the property is a leader in energy efficiency.

Work with UL Solutions for your ENERGY STAR needs

Choosing an independent third-party organization with deep expertise in the ENERGY STAR field proves crucial as you work toward compliance, certification and benchmarking goals. UL Solutions serves as an Elite Member certifier after certifying over 300 Properties for the 2022 Certification Season, 150 more than the minimum requirement. 

With UL Solutions, we can help you on your energy savings journey with benchmarking, ordinance, and building certification.

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ENERGY STAR building certification

Beyond the cost-saving and sustainability benefits, if you score over 75 on the ENERGY STAR assessment, you can earn recognition for your results with ENERGY STAR certification. In order to reach this, you need to meet some minimum requirements for reporting:  

  • An ENERGY STAR Score of 75 or higher
  • Site visit for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing
  • Verification by a licensed professional engineer (PE) or registered architect (RA)
  • Must be submitted within 120 days of the performance end date

Benchmark your building’s performance

The collection and tracking of building energy, water and waste usage data empower your business to collect the energy efficiency information you need to succeed:

  • Establish a baseline
  • Allow building owners to set target reduction goals
  • Compare building performance to a national sample of similar buildings
  • Utility logins required (electric, natural gas, water) 
  • Regularly updated, accurate building details required

Complying with local and state ordinances

State and local government requirements aim to protect the environment and improve building energy efficiency. State and local municipalities require buildings to benchmark utility data based on stringent parameters:

  • Building type
  • Minimum building square footage
  • Energy-only versus energy and water data

Buildings that fail to report their energy or water usage in time can face monetary penalties and/or public disclosure of violations in certain municipalities, making understanding the energy use of your products and property a priority. 

Meet your ESG goals

ENERGY STAR compliance works toward your ESG goals. It provides you with metrics on how your building consumes energy, which will reveal energy efficiency opportunities that may help you reduce costs and meet more of your ESG goals. Learn more about UL Solutions ESG advisory and assurance services.


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