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Testing and Certification for Commercial Appliances

Our services for commercial appliance manufacturers includes gas-fired/electrical safety testing, food equipment sanitation, international certification, electromagnetic compatibility assessment and energy certifications.

Industrial kitchen appliances


We help you meet the complex challenges of today’s competitive global market with services that streamline safety, energy efficiency and performance testing to international, national and regional standards.

Working with a single, experienced service provider means that you gain measurable cost- and time-saving benefits. No need to submit the same product over and over to earn the multiple certifications required to bring many commercial appliances to the global market. And if you qualify for our Data Acceptance Program (DAP), you can further reduce assessment time by conducting testing in your own facilities.


Marketing claims are everywhere in the global market, but it’s often difficult for customers to determine which ones are accurate. Differentiate your product in the market with UL Verified Mark program, which provides independent, reputable Verification of your marketing claims.

As an example, the UL Verified Mark can help showcase that your commercial cooking appliances limit emission of grease-laden air to the room to under 5 mg/m3 avg. using the EPA-202 test method based on your specifications and food types used.

Buyers and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) need to know the amount of grease-laden emissions your product produces before deciding if your product requires a hood for the food types you specify. UL Verification Service allows you to mark and market your products with the specific amount of grease-laden effluents over eight hours while cooking the food types of your choosing. UL Verified Mark can be placed on your product in addition to packaging, online and print marketing. UL Solutions also publishes the Verification at

Why UL Solutions

We bring confidence to innovation. Our technical expertise across industries enables us to accurately assess, test and certify products featuring innovative technology against the established standards.

And we offer product development support, including engineering services, reliability testing and prototyping aimed at helping you bring quality, high performance appliances to market, and mitigate the risk of performance and/or reliability issues that can result in damage to brand reputation, litigation or recalls.

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