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Foodservice Equipment Sanitation Certification

Your products are designed to handle the rigors of the foodservice industry, contributing to the service of safe and wholesome food. Strengthen that commitment with a UL sanitation certification.

Stainless steel commercial kitchen

Equipment sanitation certification is important for you and your customers

With increased consumer, media and regulatory attention on foodborne illness outbreaks and food product recalls, delivering safe food products is essential to your brand, your business and, most importantly, your customers.

Benefits of sanitation testing and certification

We are a single source for multiple appliance industry services, including electrical safety, food equipment sanitation, gas appliance certification and energy efficiency. We can consolidate multiple services to meet your certification needs.

Sanitation testing to standards

The following sanitation standards are used for certification

  • NSF 2, Food Equipment–examples of covered products include cafeteria, kitchen, pantry, and retail bakery units, tables, components, counters, tableware, hoods, shelves, sinks, lighting and thermometers. 
  • NSF 3, Commercial Ware Washing Equipment
  • NSF 4, Commercial Cooking, Rethermalization, and Powered Hot Food Holding and Transport Equipment
  • NSF 5, Water Heaters, Hot Water Supply Boilers, and Heat Recovery Equipment
  • NSF 6, Dispensing Freezers
  • NSF 7, Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
  • NSF 8, Commercial Powered Food Preparation Equipment
  • NSF 12, Automatic Ice Making Equipment
  • NSF 18, Manual Food and Beverage Dispensing Equipment
  • NSF 20, Commercial Bulk Milk Dispensing Equipment
  • NSF 25, Vending Machines for Food and Beverages
  • NSF 37, Air Curtains for Entranceways in Food and Food Service Establishments
  • NSF 51, Food Equipment Materials
  • NSF 59, Mobile Food Carts
  • NSF 169, Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices
  • UL 2007A, Shatter Containment of Lamps for Use in Regulated Food Establishment
  • UL 2333, Infrared Thermometers

Minimum requirements are established for the sanitary design, construction and performance of many products intended for use in retail food establishments. Basic considerations can include:

  • Determining whether an appliance will hold food at safe temperatures for extended durations
  • Evaluating that the product can be cleaned and will not present a source for microbiological, chemical or physical contamination
  • Assessing materials for durability, general cleanliness and potential toxicity to food

UL EPH Mark is the trusted mark in sanitation

The equipment used in retail food establishments in the U.S. is generally subject to inspection for sanitation or hygiene. With more than 30 years of experience, our sanitation certification indicates that representative samples of equipment used for food preparation and storage, and in food service establishments, have been tested and were found to meet applicable environmental and public health standards. The UL EPH Mark is recognized and accepted as a trusted source for assessing the sanitary design, construction and performance of commercial food equipment.


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