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UL Solutions can help you mitigate compliance risk, overcome regulatory challenges, drive sustainability and optimize your supply chain through our industry-leading end-to-end offerings.

Dynamic and diverse market drivers and trends bring new challenges to global retail and consumer products companies and their daily business operations.

  • To thrive in today’s omnichannel landscape, companies must change the way they manage quality and compliance.
  • More brands, retailers and product manufacturers are pursuing authentic sustainability journeys by communicating their sustainability efforts with transparency to enhance their credibility, differentiate their brands and products from competitors and avoid greenwashing.
  • Private-label product stock-keeping units (SKUs) are growing in all categories.
  • The pandemic and emerging markets continue to contribute to the growing complexity of retail and consumer product supply chains.
  • Safety and chemical regulations are constantly evolving and becoming stricter.

Manufacturers and brands must consider all these factors as they strive to bring new products to market and succeed in the highly competitive retail environment. These conditions also present an opportunity for retailers, brands and suppliers to reexamine legacy systems and strategies that have shaped the industry.

UL Solutions offers services that help the retail and consumer products industry deliver safer, higher-quality and more sustainable products that consumers can trust.

Areas of expertise


To create a seamless shopping experience, retailers must embrace and integrate the various online and offline channels where customers shop. Retailers must also manage quality and compliance, which becomes more challenging as they continually expand their stock keeping units (SKUs), product types and categories while retail quality budgets are stretched. We can help you navigate the complexities of the omnichannel landscape, from compliance issues to trade challenges.

Sustainability and ESG

Retailers and brands face extraordinary pressure to address the environmental and social issues exacerbated by the impacts of their products and supply chains while meeting stakeholder demands for environmental as well associal and governance (ESG) data. UL Solutions can help retailers drive evidence-based sustainability efforts.

Private Labels

Private-label goods play a valuable role in helping retailers optimize production to suit consumer demand, differentiate their products from competitors and improve profit margin. To meet consumer expectations for design, experience, quality and innovation, retailers and consumer products manufacturers must continually evolve to improve their private-label offerings. UL Solutions offers services to help your private-label brand compete with national brands and increase customer brand loyalty.

Compliance and quality

New quality demands from consumers have prompted a shift among retailers to evaluate suppliers using a more robust set of considerations. Suppliers with a better composite quality score will likely be subject to less testing, auditing and inspections, therefore reducing overall testing costs and improving speed to market. Our complete range of services can help retailers, brands and suppliers address unique compliance and quality challenges.

Supply chain management

Supply chain shortages have amplified the need for the retail and consumer product industry to diversify suppliers in different markets and demonstrate transparency in complex global supply chains.

UL Solutions offers comprehensive services to help you streamline product compliance, improve supply chain data transparency, and meet regulations, customer expectations and achieve sustainability goals. 

UL Solutions Retail Center of Excellence in Arkansas, USA

The Retail Center of Excellence supports private label product innovation early in its life cycle at the design stage and places valuable consumer insights at the center of quality assurance programs. It shows UL Solutions' commitment to the retail industry, to help retailers, brands and suppliers identify critical risks, quickly bring products to market and evaluate to safety, quality and sustainability requirements.

Why retailers and consumer product manufacturers choose UL Solutions

Working with UL Solutions can help you reduce critical safety, compliance and supply chain risks that could impact your brand reputation and business success. We leverage our extensive technical expertise, wide range of software and advisory services and global network of highly equipped laboratories to help retail and consumer goods companies solve safety, security and sustainability challenges We offer:

  • Extensive technical and regulatory expertise.
  • Customized and tailored programs.
  • Scientific leadership.
  • Collaborative partnership.
  • Deep industry knowledge and close relationships with the world’s largest retailers.
  • A comprehensive approach to risk management.
  • An extensive global footprint providing dedicated local support to our customers.
  • Wide recognition and trust in the marketplace.
  • Holistic portfolio testing, inspection, certification, software, data, training and advisory services.

UL Solutions can support your efforts to advance your compliance strategy, differentiate your products in a crowded marketplace and sell products that provide unique experiences to end consumers.