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Specific HazLoc Application Services

Gain certification for skids and assemblies, Pressure Equipment Directive, plant oil extraction equipment used in the legal cannabis and cannabinoid industry, rebuilt motors, lighting and lightning protection.

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Hazardous locations global expertise for specific applications helps accelerate market access

Our global network of technical experts and state-of-the-art facilities helps manufacturers gain the compliance credentials they need to compete in a more complex global supply chain. If you design or manufacture equipment used in hazardous locations, then you need to find a trusted industry partner with extensive expertise in your specific application to achieve certification. We provide equipment testing, certification and advisory services, including global conformity assessment schemes for HazLoc equipment. Our expertise in HazLoc requirements and local codes allows us to evaluate, assess, test, certify and provide advisory services for skids, machinery and other types of equipment and assemblies in order to help streamline acceptance by the EPC, end-user or code authority. You can rely on our expertise to help you cut through the complexity of the process and potentially minimize compliance and regulatory delays, and do it with quicker turnaround time – accelerating your market access.

Knowledge you can trust

Our knowledgeable staff are well versed in a variety of protection methods and located around the globe to help save you time and money with a single, local point of contact for your global certification needs, training and personnel competency.

Speed and efficiency

For faster time to market, leverage our expertise early in HazLoc projects. We can help manufacturers develop a risk mitigation plan to know most of the risks up front. Additionally, our comprehensive industry knowledge paired with our global state-of-the-art HazLoc laboratory, which has been designed with automation implemented, can help accelerate projects through the testing and certification process.

Global reach and access

Our global network of expert HazLoc engineers helps you understand the various national and global requirements, as well as help identify new requirements based on industry demands. You can benefit with faster time to a global marketplace with the UL Certification process, not only do we understand the requirements – we helped develop them. In fact, we participate in over 50 standards writing committees, such as: TC31 (IECEx), UL STP (North America), NFPA, API, BSEE and CFR committees.

Specific HazLoc application offering details

  • Verifying compliance for skids, machinery and other types of assemblies
  • Streamline your market access for pressure equipment to Europe. UL is a Notified Body under the directive.
  • Safety testing for plant oil extraction equipment, including extractors, prefabricated booths/pods, preparatory equipment and post-processing equipment
  • Rebuilt Motor/Repair Facility Program allows for local rebuild shops to repair already UL Certified Division 1 motors
  • Certification for luminaires, lighting and power equipment intended for use in hazardous locations
  • Lightning protection solutions include professional inspections of lightning protection systems
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Global Market Access for HazLoc Equipment Assemblies

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Streamline Key Market Access for the Legal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Industry

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Streamline pressure equipment certification for Europe with one trusted source

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Hazardous Locations Explosion Protection Services

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Speed time to market by involving technical advisors

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