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Rebuilt Motor/Repair Facility Program for Hazardous Locations

Allows for local rebuild shops to repair already UL Certified Division 1 motors. Motors are repaired to meet the requirements of UL 674 and help ensure end-users of their continued compliance

Manual worker repairing electric motor in a workshop

Maintain UL Certifications with rebuilt motor/repair facility program for hazardous locations

UL Solutions offers a number of certification options for repair service providers and repair shops. Our UL Solutions rebuilding programs allow for equipment with UL Marks to be serviced and repaired, in order to maintain its UL certifications. Upon completion of a compliant repair, UL Solutions shops are allowed to state that the repaired equipment has maintained its UL Listing as if it just left the factory.

Rebuilt Motor Program overview

The UL Solutions Motor Repair program allows for the rebuilding of motors with the UL Listed marks. Certified Motor repair shops are found under the category code “PTKQ” in UL Product iQ® database. The scope of the basic program allows for the rebuilding of Class I and II Division 1 (Groups C and  D, and F and G) motors. The training program conducted at a shop location consists of an initial measuring tool inspection, a three to four-hour training presentation where we introduce the program’s rules and limitations in detail, and concludes with a motor inspection to review the critical joints, shaft paths and thicknesses discussed during the training.

The two key benefits of this program are that first, it allows for local rebuild shops to repair already UL certified Division 1 motors that have been used in the field. Second, they are repaired to meet the requirements of the UL 674, the Standard for Electric Motors and Generators for Use in Division 1 Hazardous (Classified) Locations, and help ensure end users of their continued compliance.

ATEX/IECEx Certified repair facilities

International standard IEC 60079-19 covers the certification of repair facilities for HazLoc/Ex products. Its scope includes any type of product, not only motors as described above. UL Solutions is able to issue certification to a repair shop following the required quality system audit, under either the IECEx Service Facility scheme or the ATEX Directive.

Key differences between these programs are:


EN 60079-19

  • North American Division 1 certifications only, domestic U.S. traditionally
  • Zone 0, 1, or 2, international in scope
  • Is limited to Class I, Division 1, Group C and D; Class II, Division 1, Group F and G motors unless a special investigation is conducted for Group E motors
  • Is not limited to motors or flameproof protection
  • Traditionally smaller shops, no ISO certification needed before starting the program
  • Traditionally larger industrial shops, often require ISO certification beforehand - must operate within their quality system
  • Base model requires minimal to no OEM contact
  • A lot more time interfacing with the OEM in order to repair critical joints depending on X conditions of certificate
  • Provides explicit construction requirements to rebuild to and check for compliance
  • Often requires a higher level of generic competency and quality of shops
  • UL listing only (Canadian c-UL can be added with a special provision on a shop by shop basis)
  • Applies for IECEx or ATEX certified equipment


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