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Interoperability Testing and Certification

We’ll help ensure that your products seamlessly connect to other devices, offering the functionality that consumers expect.

Two smart devices working together


As systems and devices become more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid product malfunctions post-launch. Due to budget and manpower constraints, it’s unrealistic for you to identify every potential issue – the number of possible different connections and applications between devices is simply too vast. Specialty interoperability testing and certification changes that.

We are an approved testing laboratory for many Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless standards bodies such as Bluetooth SIG, Open Connectivity Forum (OCF), Thread Group, Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), WirelessHD Consortium, and Zigbee Alliance.

You can rely on us to help ensure that your product not only works perfectly with all other relevant devices but also conforms to all appropriate standards and smart home platforms.

We offer:

  • Global reach – We offer testing and certification in countries around the world.
  • Real-world testing – We test products in the ways that they will be used by your customers.
  • Tailored testing solutions – We have years of experience creating tailored test plans.
  • One-stop service – We offer a complete range of all-in-one testing solutions.


Our interoperability testing is just one element in our complete one-stop-shop service solution. We’ll guide you through every step of the conformance and certification process, including:

  • Precompliance
  • Advisory services
  • Interoperability

We have years of experience in creating customized test plans to provide you with the peace of mind to know that your product stands the highest chance of working with the widest range of devices. We do this by testing products to real-world scenarios rather than restricting the process to a limited number of test specifications in a laboratory. This enables us to provide a better, more well-rounded assessment of your products.

Additionally, our Global Market Access program combines your telecoms and radio testing with other UL services, including product safety certification for the UL Mark, making the most of your time with us.

Why UL

Our interoperability testing services are designed to save you time and money during the certification process. We test for interoperability and compliance at the same time, making the entire process as efficient as possible. More importantly, we’ll help protect your brand’s reputation by offering you testing services that confirm your products perform in accordance with your claims, a critical component in driving consumer trust and confidence in your brand.

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