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High Speed Cable Testing and Certification Programs

UL offers testing, verification and certification programs to address quality and reliability of high-speed signal and data connectivity interfaces.

USB Type C adapter or hub connected to the laptop with various accessories – USB drives, HDMI, Ethernet, cables

Simplify compliance and gain access to global markets with UL testing, certification and verification solutions for high speed signal cables 

High-speed wired connectivity is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the consumer electronics, computer and automotive industries today. Rapid growth is needed to support a high data rate of signal and data transmission. Your customers demand the safest and best performing high-speed wired connectivity products available to do the job. UL can support you on performance and reliability compliance evaluations. These evaluations are based on the industry-recognized performance specifications for the types of high-speed wired connectivity tabulated below.

Testing scope




Cable, connector, host, hub, peripheral, power brick, silicon, electronic marker


Cable, connector, source, sink, repeater


Cable, connector, source, sink, repeater


Host, device


Motherboard, add-in card with M.2, U.2 slot

Help ensure high speed connectivity with UL testing solutions

To help ensure high-speed signal and data transmission integrity, products with high-speed wired connectivity interface have to pass through sophisticated signal integrity, electrical, mechanical, environmental and interoperability test requirements.

Compliance testing and certification programs

We offer compliance testing, performance verification and safety certification programs that focus on addressing the real needs of manufacturers, brand owners, installers, retailers, end users and other key stakeholders to differentiate their product, compete on a level playing field, and obtain the peace of mind needed to market, source, purchase and consume the products.

The safety testing and certification programs address the safety concerns of products that provide data transmission and power through the control of product materials/components, electrical design and performing testing in accordance with the pertinent industry performance specifications.  

Performance evaluation and verification

Performance evaluation and verification programs help validate that products are in compliance with industry specifications or proprietary customer requirements.

Address the growing concern of safety, performance and compliance 

UL offers a comprehensive and customized testing platform to meet global testing and certification needs. Global computer, communication and consumer electronics (3C) brand owners, as well as Internet of Vehicle (IoV) developers benefit from a broad range of solutions that encompass safety, performance and compliance.

Safety certification

Some of the safety certification programs consist of a comprehensive factory inspection and market surveillance to help monitor ongoing compliance of products and ensure a healthy and ongoing compliant supply chain and fair competition in the marketplace.

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