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UL Taiwan USB Test Lab

Our USB-IF certification and testing program helps ensure product compliance associated with the USB Type-C™ connector. We focus on the reliability of data transmission, cable and connector design, and the proper implementation of Power Delivery (PD).

A smartphone using a USB Type-C cable to connect to a laptop.


Massive arrays of devices now rely on USB Type-C for connection, communication and power. Now more than ever, the industry needs the ability to distinguish a compliant USB cable, device or charger from a substandard one.

Our USB Implementers Forum Inc. (USB-IF) certification and testing program can reassure you — whether you’re a brand owner, installer, retailer or end user — about the reliability of the data transmission rate, the cable and connector design, and the proper implementation of PD. 

With a view to address these concerns, we join the efforts of USB-IF to help ensure product compliance associated with the USB Type-C connector through the testing and evaluation of the USB Type-C cable assemblies, connectors, PD chipsets and power bricks for USB-IF certification. 

Our laboratory in Taiwan has been authorized as an Independent Test Lab (ITL) by USB-IF. UL has previously been qualified for testing USB types A and B cable assemblies and connectors.


You need your project turned around quickly, and you need it done in a cost-efficient manner. We understand that, which is why we’ll do everything possible to meet your schedule and requirements. To help overcome challenges on product development and production, we have the resources to provide problem analysis and technical consultation from certified test engineers and technical experts. Our safety certification programs also offer a robust portfolio of testing to meet more of your needs than ever before.  

Why UL

  • Our compliance system helps ensure compliance and reduce liability and risk across the entire supply chain.
  • UL’s Follow-up Services helps manufacturers gain a competitive edge based on quality, reputation and service, making it more difficult for manufacturers that produce counterfeit or inferior products to survive.
  • Our long-standing history in certification and standards development makes us a trusted thought leader in the compliance arena. Stakeholders rely on us for research, knowledge and technical solutions to address safety issues and advise on new technologies.
  • Comprehensive factory and market surveillance programs help ensure a more compliant supply chain and reduce the risk and costs associated with sub-standard and unsafe products. This work helps protect brand reputation and the integrity of the UL Mark.
  • Our fully dedicated Global Security and Brand Protection team works with authorities and global customs agencies on anti-counterfeiting measures.
  • The use of the holographic label system sets us apart by establishing a unique identifier for customs, regulators, buyers, retailers and consumers.
  • Some product categories have the option for an additional on-demand promotional opportunity to include a direct link to your company website, product page, brochure, data sheet or flyer through UL iQ databases.
  • We offer global testing and certification solutions for acceptance in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
  • We continue to evolve our capabilities and services to meet your increasing needs. Our goal is to help you rapidly develop and launch safer, superior products and meet the shifting requirements of a changing world.

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