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USB-IF Product Certification Testing

Our USB-IF certification testing program helps ensure product compliance associated with the USB Type-C™ connector. We focus on the reliability of data transmission, cable and connector design, and the proper implementation of Power Delivery (PD).

A smartphone using a USB Type-C cable to connect to a laptop.

The importance of USB-IF Product Certification

Massive arrays of devices now rely on USB Type-C for connection, communication and power. The industry needs the ability to distinguish a compliant USB cable, device or charger from a substandard one.

UL’s certification testing for the USB Implementers Forum Inc. (USB-IF) Product Certification Program as an Independent Test Lab (ITL) can reassure you — whether you’re a brand owner, installer, retailer or end user — about the reliability of the data transmission rate, the cable and connector design, and the proper implementation of USB power delivery (PD). 

With a view to address these concerns, we join the efforts of USB-IF to help ensure USB product compliance through the testing of USB Type-C cable assemblies, connectors, PD chipsets and power bricks for USB-IF certification.

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Testing to USB-IF specification and IEC 62680

USB-IF has authorized our laboratory in Taiwan* as an ITL with broad scope coverage. We can support testing to the following compliance specifications: 

  • USB 2.0
  • USB 3.2
  • USB 4™  
  • USB Type-C™ and
  • USB PD compliance specifications. 

In addition to USB-IF product certification testing, the UL Taiwan laboratory is accredited by International Electrotechnical Commission Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ) to offer testing service to the IEC 62680 series of standards for universal serial bus interfaces for data and power.

Our laboratory in Dongguan** has also been authorized as a USB-IF ITL to provide testing service to USB PD compliance specifications.

Quick turnaround from qualified USB-IF experts

You need your project turned around quickly, and you need it done in a cost-efficient manner. We understand that, which is why we strive to meet your schedule and requirements.

To help overcome challenges in USB-IF related product development and production, we have the resources to provide problem analysis and technical consultation from certified test engineers and technical experts.

One-stop submission process for USB-IF and safety certification

Our safety certification programs for various high speed data connectivity technologies may be done in addition to the USB-IF certification testing service to help ensure the products in question meet the pertinent industry specifications.

* Underwriters Laboratories Taiwan Co., Ltd.
** UL Verification Services (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Song Shan Lake Branch

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