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Display Performance Testing

Increase consumer confidence in your brand with display performance testing. UL Solutions offers verification testing services for a wide array of display devices.

High definition TV

Meet industry specifications for display performance

Today’s consumers expect genuine visual performance from display devices. Industry organizations have developed logoed compliance programs to help increase consumer confidence in the display quality claims made by the vendors of display devices. To support verification of the display products in accordance with the display performance test specifications, trusted third-party test laboratories are an essential part of meeting industry standards through independent testing and verification. UL Solutions provides independent third-party testing that helps demonstrate which display devices meet the published industry standards.

Demand for higher display performance

There is a wide variety of types of display devices on the market:

  • Televisions
  • Computer monitors
  • Projectors
  • Mobile phone displays
  • Digital signage
  • Virtual/Augmented display headsets
  • Video walls

These devices are used in various contexts, such as consumer electronics, commercial, education and medical applications and vehicle infotainment.

Users continue to ask for higher display quality and more advanced features to enhance their visual experience. Brand owners respond with continuous product improvements, incorporating the latest display technology to stay competitive. To help users determine the quality of display devices and the veracity of manufacturers’ claims, various industry organizations have developed relevant display performance specifications based on technical parameters and criteria that define display performance.

How UL Solutions can help

Our display performance testing service, in combination with UL Solutions evaluation service on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, connectivity performance and other aspects, allows UL Solutions to provide a better one-stop testing service to the display device industry. Our UL Solutions lab in Taipei has progressively attained several third-party test lab qualifications and is currently capable of offering display performance testing services based on the specifications shown in the table below. We will continue to expand the test lab capability to provide more comprehensive display performance testing and verification services in the near future.

Test specification Associated industry program
VESA high-performance monitor and display compliance test specification (DisplayHDR CTS) VESA DisplayHDR Compliance Program
8K Association device test specification 8K Association Certified Program
VESA adaptive-sync display certification test specification (Adaptive-Sync Display CTS) VESA Certified Adaptive Sync Display Logo Program
VESA high-performance monitor and display – ClearMR compliance test specification (ClearMR) # VESA Certified ClearMR logo program

# A new metric Clear Motion Ratio (CMR) is defined in VESA ClearMR standard


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