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First OCF-Over-Thread Module to Earn UL Certification

Learn how Cascoda’s first smart embedded module using the OCF application layer on top of the Thread network-layer communication technology earned protocol and radio frequency certification with UL Solutions .

Smart city with wireless communication network

Internet of Things devices are helping to build a more connected and secure world. The technology behind these devices exhibits increasing complexity, presenting challenges regarding interoperability, scalability, security and power consumption.

IoT device manufacturers, such as Cascoda®, seek out UL Solutions' services to demonstrate that their advanced devices comply with applicable standards. Cascoda supplies semiconductor radios and software platforms for IoT devices.

Its new module, Chili2, is a low-power smart module that offers built-in interoperability, scalability and security for applications in smart homes and buildings. The module facilitates end-to-end wireless communications between devices, such as smart light bulbs and alerts, by incorporating two different connectivity technologies developed by not-for-profit groups: Thread and the Open Connectivity Foundation.

As the leading global IoT standard development organizations, Thread Group and OCF open standards are based on internet protocol (IP), support native IPv6 communications and use Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS). Both organizations provide certification programs that build trust in IoT devices by empowering manufacturers to bring certified, reliable products to market. However, these technologies had remained distinct, as opposed to combining in the same small, embedded module, until the development of Chili2.

Cascoda’s module would be the first product seeking certification using the OCF application layer on top of the Thread network-layer communication technology– this is why the connected technologies industry refers to Chili2 as an OCF-over-Thread module. In addition to protocol certification services for the Thread and OCF technologies, Cascoda sought radio frequency certification for Chili2 with UL Solutions.

“UL’s deep involvement with global standardization bodies gives the company technical expertise on standards from particular industries and products.”

  • Bruno Johnson
  • CEO, Cascoda
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