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Zigbee Alliance Certification and Interoperability Testing

Testing compliance to the Zigbee interoperability standard.

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Zigbee Alliance standard 

With an installed base of more than100 million devices, Zigbee is a widely used wireless standard for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The Zigbee Alliance developed this low-power, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)-based IEEE 802.15.4 wireless technology for home automation devices, such as thermostats, lighting fixtures, and motion detectors. IoT smart devices using Zigbee technology need to be tested for compliance with the interoperability standard.

Certification Test Services

Zigbee 3.0
Pro Core R22
Green Power
Zigbee MAC/PHY 

Zigbee Alliance certification benefits

Why is Zigbee certification important?

The Zigbee certification program verifies that every platform and product meets Zigbee requirements and performs as expected.

Why UL Solutions for Zigbee Alliance certification 

Apart from Zigbee, we are actively involved in IoT industry groups such as Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), Open Connectivity Forum (OCF), Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), and Thread. We are able to advise our customers about standards under development and emerging technologies.

We are an Authorized Test Service Provider accredited by the Zigbee Alliance, with testing capabilities in the U.S. and Europe. We test for the different Zigbee certification programs, helping ensure that the products interoperate and work as advertised.

We provide a complete market access solution to manufacturers of IoT and smart home products that employ Zigbee technology, in particular home automation and lighting products. This includes Zigbee certification, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless and safety regulatory services, and Global Market Access services to gain market entry into more than 150 countries worldwide.