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Circuit Protection Safety Evaluation

Evaluating safety-critical circuit protection equipment to help prevent dangerous and unwanted power fluctuations that are harmful to person and property.

Circuit breaker switches


Investment in new circuit protection infrastructure continues to rise and is driven by both the need to replace aging equipment and the rise in DC power capabilities.

Virtually every aspect of daily life is affected by the use of electrical power. From the simple task of turning on a light in your home to powering a large factory and its industrial processes, people and businesses expect electrical power to be safe and reliable.

The responsibility for the installation and maintenance of safe and reliable electrical circuit protection equipment is moving away from local utilities and falling to the site or building owner. With evolving installation codes and standards, it is imperative that third-party safety certification of this equipment be done with a trusted and independent partner.

We evaluate safety critical circuit protection equipment — fuses, circuit breakers, protectors, ground/arc fault circuit interrupters, surge protective devices, EMI appliance and facility filters, and capacitors — designed to prevent dangerous and unwanted power fluctuations that are harmful to person and property. This covers industrial, commercial and residential power distribution equipment.


With customized service packages available, we can help to optimize project turnaround time, minimize administration, and reduce project costs. Our Data Acceptance Program (DAP), allows manufacturers with in-house testing capabilities to qualify to perform their own testing. Such testing can help reduce certification process costs and time. Our involvement in the IECEE CB Scheme, an international system for mutual acceptance of test reports and certifications, helps provide a cost- and time-savings for global market access.

Why UL

For more than a century, we have been evaluating electrical products for safety. With our proven expertise in safety science and engineering, we are the leading standards development organization for power distribution and industrial automation areas — both end product and the components which protect the circuits.

We have our finger on the pulse of the power distribution and industrial automation industries. Our knowledge and expertise is in evaluating, testing and certifying circuit protection devices — critical to end-product safety.

With technical representation on the National Electrical Code Making Panels, we are keenly aware of code-related developments as they relate to product standards. We are active members in industry associations and international standards working groups that include manufacturers and regulatory officials. Additionally, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) rely on the UL Mark, and as a result, using UL Certified circuit protection equipment makes a code-compliant installation easier.

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