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Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Systems Services

Conformance, testing, inspection and certification services for low voltage distribution equipment.

An electricalroom with circuit breakers.

The role of low voltage (LV) power systems

With such an enormous demand for energy, it’s more important than ever for electrical power to be distributed in a reliable and efficient way. That’s why low voltage distribution equipment should be tested and certified by an independent third-party. Advancements in smart technologies, however, have made the path to certification extremely complex.

Fortunately, we’re experts when it comes to certification — we’ve been a leader in safety science since 1894 — so our team is equipped and ready to guide you through the process. Our certification for low voltage power distribution products is an easy way to verify that your equipment is compliant with industry regulations — a critical component in gaining market access.

LV distribution system experts

Our experts have a deep understanding of the certification process, which is why we are a leader in conformance, testing and inspection for low voltage distribution equipment. Global regulation bodies and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), rely on the UL Mark as the standard for acceptance of distribution equipment in the industrial, commercial and residential markets. In other words, when your products get certified by UL, you’ll have the opportunity to gain access to new customers from around the world.

  • Global Market Access – We’ll help you access more markets by investigating unique regional requirements, while minimizing duplicate tests.
  • Speed to market – With evolving technologies and changing market demands, we know how hard it is to manage complex projects and meet deadlines. Our experts will help streamline and accelerate the conformance process by mitigating risk and reducing time to market.

Areas of expertise

There are many different disciplines in the low voltage distribution field, and we have significant experience in many of them. We provide testing and certification services for product categories that include, but are not limited to:

  • Panelboards
  • Switchboards
  • Switchgear
  • Motor control centers (MCC)
  • Meter sockets
  • Busways
  • Transfer switches/changeover switches
  • Termination boxes
  • Portable power distribution
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio, electrical, mechanical, environmental and safety testing
  • Guidance on products based on new technologies

UL Assembler Program

With the rise in demand for customer-specific requests of power distribution and industrial control equipment, suppliers and end users are facing long lead times from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The UL Assembler Program allows the OEMs (base applicant) an avenue to extend portions of their Follow-Up Services Report to other partner corporations (known as assemblers). 

This provides the assemblers a method to build certified assemblies based on the OEM product design. With the UL Assembler Program, assemblers are able to provide solutions to their customers without additional certification time or cost of a proprietary design. 
The UL Assembler Program includes:

  • Panelboards (UL 67, the Standard for Panelboards - QEUY)
  • Switchboards (UL 891, the Standard for Switchboards - WEVZ)
  • Switchgear (UL 1558, the Standard for Metal-Enclosed Low-Voltage Power Circuit Breaker Switchgear - WUTZ)
  • Motor Control Centers (UL 845, the Standard for Motor Control Centers - NJAV)

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