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Switch Certification and Evaluation Services

Expert evaluations of switches, including transfer, pullout, disconnect and photovoltaic switches and their associated accessories.

Worker testing a switch

We can guide you through the entire certification process and help to minimize risk and decrease time to market when certifying your switches.

Technical competency – We understand the importance of keeping your system fully operational and will help ensure your switch performs as intended. There are many different testing categories that make up a switch performance program, and we have significant experience in all aspects of application and testing.

Speed to market – With evolving technology and market demands shifting, we have comprehensive knowledge managing complex projects to meet your deadlines. We offer testing programs, which allow you to conduct and submit test data to streamline the process. These programs include: Client Test Data Program (CTDP), Witness Test Data Program (WTDP) and Third-Party Test Data Program (TPTDP). In addition to the testing programs, we offer a Total Certification Program (TCP) and Preferred Partner Program (PPP), where you are able to evaluate and certify products on your schedule.

Global Market Access – There are many unique regional requirements, and we will streamline the investigation by minimizing duplication of efforts while helping to ensure access to the largest number of markets possible. We can help manufacturers gain access to global markets by testing switches to the requirements of North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and South African regions.

We drive global research and standards to continually meet and advance ever-evolving product safety, performance and interoperability needs. Our global network of technical experts and state-of-the-art facilities help you gain the compliance credentials you need to compete in a more complex global supply chain. Additionally, working with us enables you to leverage our global brand acceptance and trust to add value to your innovations.


Using switches in your equipment helps to keep your system fully protected. Switches protect an array of systems including panelboards, switchboards and switchgear. Switches protect systems by interrupting the current or diverting the current from one conductor to another. In doing so, separate circuits can be maintained within one system and emergency systems will remain powered without any interruptions.

Switches are used across many industries including commercial, industrial and residential. They are used in our everyday lives when turning on equipment or in more discrete ways, such as when they are integrated with distribution equipment.

From transfer switches and photovoltaic switches to pullout switches and disconnect switches, we have in-depth expertise in evaluating these switches, their features and their associated accessories.

Areas of expertise

We provide services for the following types of switches:

  • Enclosed and dead front switches (UL 98)
  • Automatic transfer switches for use in emergency systems (UL 1008)
  • Branch circuit emergency lighting transfer switch (UL 1008 for U.S. and Mexico only)
  • Automatic transfer switch for use in optional standby systems (UL 1008)
  • Nonautomatic transfer switches (UL 1008)
  • Enclosed and open type pullout switches (UL 1429)
  • Motor-circuit pullout switches (UL 1429) 
  • Open type photovoltaic switches (UL 98A and UL 98B)
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Services for Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

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