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Fuse and Fuseholders Services

Accelerating your time to market with combined testing of fuses and by bundling certifications for UL Mark in North America and for global markets.

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Our proven expertise in safety science and engineering enables us to serve the entire fuse industry. Our extensive, flexible service portfolio covers research and development, Global Market Access, installation and end use. We can simultaneously provide Global Market Access solutions for the UL Mark in North America, as well as other certifications for markets around the world. One certification process allows you to profit from faster speed to market. This streamlined and accelerated process saves time and money through a well-proven global certification program.

iQ Database is UL’s searchable database for fuses. This free online database gives you the ability to find, verify and specify fuses by selecting from a set of more than 10 parameters to meet your specific application.


Fuses and fuseholders are intended to be factory or field installed as a component within end-use appliances or equipment. Whether you’re looking to supply the demand of surging industries across the globe or to help emerging markets with increased energy consumption, safety will continue to be a priority in circuit protection.

Fuses and fuseholders are extensively used in a wide variety of applications and installations, including the protection of electrical systems, appliances, automotive, electronic equipment and photovoltaic systems.


We can help when products are evaluated to the following standards, within the following markets:

  • Japan Electrical Safety & Environmental Technology Laboratories Requirements for Fuses Japanese Denan Appendix 3
  • CB Certificate/Test Report IEC 60127 Miniature Fuses up to 600V
  • CB Certificate/Test Report IEC 60269 Low-Voltage Fuses
  • Canada – CSA C22.2 No. 248 Series of Standards
  • U.S. – UL 248 Fuses
  • U.S. – UL 4248 Fuseholders

Area of expertise

We provide services for the following types of fuses and fuseholders:

  • Class C Fuses
  • Class CC Fuses and Fuseholders
  • Class G Fuses and Fuseholders
  • Class H Non-Renewable Fuses and Fuseholders
  • Class H Renewable Fuses and Fuseholders
  • Class J Fuses and Fuseholders
  • Class K Fuses and Fuseholders
  • Class L Fuses
  • Plug Fuses (Edison Base, Type C and Type S)
  • Class R Fuses and Fuseholders
  • Semiconductor Fuses
  • Supplemental Fuses
  • Class T Fuses and Fuseholders
  • Test Limiters
  • Class CF Fuses and Fuseholders
  • Class CD Fuses
  • PV (Photovoltaic) Fuses and Fuseholders
  • EV Fuses (Electric Vehicle)
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Combined Testing of Fuses to Streamline Global Market Access (2)

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