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Retail Omnichannel Services

Our comprehensive services help retailers, brands and suppliers navigate today’s complex omnichannel environment.

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Offering a compelling omnichannel experience used to be the cutting edge of retail. Now it’s a requirement for survival in this competitive industry. More than one-third of Americans have made omnichannel features such as buying online for in-store pickup part of their regular shopping routine since the pandemic, and nearly two-thirds of those individuals plan to continue.

Younger buyers are the most enthusiastic about new ways of shopping. Most Gen Z consumers don’t think in terms of traditional channel boundaries, and they increasingly evaluate brands and retailers on the seamlessness of their experience. Overall, 96% of consumers expect a seamless experience across all shopping channels.2

As the omnichannel environment continues to expand, so does the ability for retailers to expand their product categories and SKUs. But although the number of stock-keeping units (SKUs) has grown exponentially over the last several years, retailer quality budgets have remained largely unchanged. With consumer expectations continuing to demand higher-quality, better-performing items, it’s difficult for retailers to keep up.

UL Solutions retail omnichannel services

UL Solutions is a trusted partner for retailers and brands, with over a century of expertise in compliance and quality testing. We leverage our deep industry and technical expertise, breadth of safety science infrastructure, and front-line knowledge of regulatory and compliance requirements to help you mitigate noncompliance risks, solve supply chain problems and better manage your overall cost of quality.

We can work with you to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace and the omnichannel landscape, from compliance issues to trade challenges. Our services can help you meet regulatory demands, secure supply chains and accelerate global market access.

Quality and safety

Explore our services designed to help you protect brand integrity, bring compliant and high-quality products to market, and differentiate your products from competitors while optimizing costs and time to market:

Supply chain

Learn more about UL Solutions supply chain offerings, which can help you to more effectively manage, track, and deliver high-quality, compliant products and materials:

Retail environment

Improve your customers’ shopping experience and offer them trust in your brand with UL Solutions retail offerings.

Last-mile product delivery

UL Solutions can help you improve the safety and efficiency of the final phase of your products’ delivery.


We can help you demonstrate your commitment to safety and enhance the operational efficiency of your fulfillment center. 

Why choose UL Solutions for retail omnichannel services

UL Solutions transforms safety, security and sustainability challenges into opportunities for customers in more than 100 countries. We can help you engineer safety into your products throughout your development process, reduce costs and challenges associated with innovative offerings.

  • We can help you confirm product quality and demonstrate compliance with a variety of regulations and standards in your destination markets.
  • Our ISTA Certified Testing Laboratories assess the security of goods during transport to help reduce costs associated with product loss, such as from breakage and damage, that can occur during shipping.
  • We offer customizable and holistic approach to supporting our customers based on your unique business strategy and supply chain.
  • Our regulatory advisory experts and proprietary software help you meet compliance challenges and achieve your environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) goals.
  • Our technical experts cover more than 150 countries and sit on international committees that develop industry standards and updates.

With our comprehensive retail omnichannel services, UL Solutions can help support your efforts to create a seamless customer experience from e-commerce to curbside and in-store pickup and throughout the retail environment.


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